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Swyx adds business-class Instant Messaging to enhance inter-office communications.

INTERNATIONAL. Swyx a market-leading vendor of unified communications for SMEs has announced the addition of business-class IM (Instant Messaging) capabilities to its IP communications solution SwyxWare, giving organisations a controlled and secure environment for real-time interaction between colleagues.

Swyx’s Product Marketing Director Jayne Dimmick commented: “The introduction of IM as part of the central communications system means that organisations can give employees the advantages of using IM between colleagues, but without the dangers and lack of control posed by downloading and using third party packages.”

“Many organisations have banned the use of IM because of the associated security risks and also because it has been abused by staff for non-business purposes. By bringing IM within a controlled business environment, organisations can safely re-introduce a tool that can substantially improve productivity, especially within organisations that are spread across different locati…

Interactive Networks announced a new version of its instant messaging application.

(openPR) - May 2008. Interactive Networks Inc. keeps improving the messaging experience introducing a new version for it secure instant messaging product. Its web-based, PC and mobile clients were developed to fully increase business productivity and improve internal communications.

On the one hand, this new version includes a wide range of improvements and brand new collaborative features that allows an integration to meet enterprises´ specific needs. In this way, companies can prevent their users from running public IMs (MSN ®, Gtalk®, AOL®, ICQ® & Yahoo®) and control who is allowed to communicate with them. Besides, it offers multi person chat with voice and video, centralized message archiving, send and receive SMS to/from mobile devices, integration with Active Directory, online presentations and computer sharing, among others. Finally, its web-based administration console permits complete control of the IM network in addition to new possibilities as custom defined management …

AIM Express lets you use IM without installing a client.

Do you depend on Instant Messaging for communication like I do? Have you ever been caught out there without access to your Instant Messenger?

I know I have been! Your friendly neighborhood Admin has been on location where I did not have administrative access to the computer (imagine that!) nor could I plug in my laptop into their network and do what I needed to do. There have even been times I could not get a cell phone signal or anything on my WWAN card. Some places are actually secure and lock down everything. AOL has an option to forward your IM’s to your cell phone via SMS but without cell service this wouldn’t work either!

Security is one thing but limiting functionality is another. So there are ways around the limitations if you can freely browse the web. Let’s get you back to chatting cybering dumb quick.

I use AIM Express from AOL. If a computer has internet access, chances are you can run one of these lightweight in browser clients. To add some icing to the cake they have just r…

Secure Instant Messaging

Everyone talks about protecting the corporation from intruders—including, perhaps, its own employees. But who's protecting your instant messages from snoops? Most companies tolerate some personal calls, e-mails, and IMs, as long as the privilege isn't abused. But don't forget—they can legally monitor conversations on their equipment, whether phone or computer. So not only are your e-mails fair game, but so are your IM sessions.

While we're sure your messages are entirely wholesome and aboveboard, we're equally sure there are some you'd rather not have bandied around the department or forwarded to everyone. Fortunately, you can secure your personal IM messages without too much difficulty. Bear in mind, however, that no encryption scheme prevents keystroke capturing or copying unencrypted text from the screen by spyware and monitoring software; the messages are encrypted only while in transit, on your network, or on the Internet.

AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo! include …

You’re About To Want Mobile Instant Messaging

Was there ever a time when you thought that you would never get interested in SMS text messaging? When SMS messages first became a service available on mobile phones, plenty of users thought that they’d never have any use for sending a message via text when they could simply dial the phone and call the intended recipient of the message. Over time, of course, we’ve come to realize the value of the text message as a supplement to the voice call and as such it has become a standard feature of the mobile phone plan that almost all mobile phone users make use of at least part of the time. That’s likely to be the same case with Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM) which some people currently say that they aren’t going to be interested in but which is rapidly starting to emerge as the latest way to communicate from your cell phone.

Basics of Mobile Instant Messaging

Mobile Instant Messaging is a service which takes the traditional instant message features of the desktop and moves them to the mobile …

Secure instant messaging for the masses.

With the majority of the Democrats caving in to the Bush administration's demands for full immunity for the telecom companies for-profit collusion in the NSA's illegal wiretapping program, it seems to be clear that the Fourth Amendment and federal antiwiretapping laws are no longer enough to keep our communications secure. Laws stating that "thou shalt not listen to your customers phone calls" no longer seem to have any bite. Or at least, they don't as long as teleco lobbying coupled with massive political contributions can turn once critical senators into kindly old men willing to forgive and forget.

Thus, now that AT&T and Verizon are free to provide the NSA with a full copy of all Internet traffic that flows over their networks, I thought that perhaps it'd be a good idea to discuss proactive technical solutions that users can utilize to protect their own privacy. The primary focus of today's blog post is on one small area of user privacy, but one wh…

Users prefer e-mail to instant messaging and SMS, survey finds.

E-mail is the preferred communication medium of two-thirds of people, despite spam, viruses and other online threats, new communication channels and Web 2.0 applications, according to research from Ipsos.

Ipsos, commissioned by Habeas, a secure e-mail service provider, found that 67% of consumers prefer e-mail as their primary communications channel for personal and business use, and 65% are unlikely to change in future.

However, Ipsos found that consumers are worried about spam and viruses, especially on their mobile devices. They also want more control over their online activities.

Ipsos said other forms of communication are much less important than e-mail. Only one in five expected video conferencing to become important, with instant messaging (IM), SMS text messages and web meetings (12%) all getting the nod from fewer than one in seven.

However, younger consumers are more comfortable IM, SMS and social networking, but even they will prefer e-mail for business use over the next five y…

Brosix Launched Highly Secure Instant Messaging Tool Designed for Businesses.

NewswireToday - /newswire/ - Carson City, NV, United States, 06/03/2008 - Brosix to extend products by providing an enterprise instant messenger.

Brosix has launched an efficient and highly secure instant messaging tool especially designed for businesses.

Like a traditional, free public instant messenger, the new solution ensures fast and inexpensive communication between team members. However, unlike conventional tools, it provides highly secure communication, as very strong encryption is applied to all data transfers. Thus, instant messaging is made possible for discussing confidential and company-sensitive issues. Furthermore, using a special enterprise instant messenger automatically eliminates the risk of viruses.

Besides security, Brosix has additional features that make it a preferred communication medium. It allows clients to create their own business instant messaging network and to optimize work processes by means of various collaboration features, such as Whiteboard, Co-Browse…