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How To Protect Your Instant Messaging Environment?

Many PC users will confirm that we are paranoid about email security and hack attacks. We should equally be concerned about the other popular connection device we use – the internet instant messenger. It is also open to some of the privacy risks we associate with emails.

10 Tips for protect your-self in chat.

1. Don’t give out your identity

Every IM client asks you to create a screen name. A screen name usually refers to your email ID. Create a screen name which does not touch upon personal information or your real identity. For instance, my screen name is ‘Braniac’ and not ‘Saikat’. And NEVER provide any personal details including credit card numbers and social security number over the internet.

2. Don’t have deals with people not on your contact list

Always vet your contact list with people whom you know something about. Talking with Mr. Anonymous at the other end of space may be fraught with risk. It is possible to discover your computer address (i.e. your IP) from an …

Instant messaging system for LAN chat. Kouchat.

Sharing files across the LAN needs configurations to systems and knowledge of all the local IP and can be done only with networking know how.But you can start to lan chat,transfer files across a network using KouChat is a simple serverless chat client for local area networks written in Java and it is also portable.

All that a user has to do is the start the application and a list of all users across the network who are logged in are shown, by default every user in the network is assigned a unique number and can be changed from Tools –> Settings (or) F4.kouchat-main-window

Each user needs to have this application on his machine, and just launch it by double clicking the (*.jar) file.

Features :

* Main chat
* Private chat - Double click on any user in the user list to start a private chat with that user.
* File transfer - Drag and drop files to send
* Click on a link to open the URL in your browser which can be set in Settings.
* Smileys
* Away messages


How To Secure Your Yahoo Messenger?

Yahoo instant messenger has been one of the most known and full-optioned online chat clients the world has ever seen. With wide choice of options and buddies around, you can not just drop using Yahoo Messenger once you have grown used to it. But where there is crowd, there are risk factors too. Alarmingly people have lost their accounts to hackers and have got millions of spyware and junk mails thanks to Yahoo messenger and its spam friendly technology. How do you get the best out of your chat buddy without risking your account? Well, here is a complete guide that will help you to prevent the hackers.

1. Prevent P2P file Sharing Through Yahoo Messenger

Be it known or unknown, prefer not to receive any file from your friend unless you know what he is sharing and why. Avoid downloading .exe or .zip files from them as they are more likely to attack your computer or install trozans without you being aware of it. Never trust a stranger when he asks you to click on any site you haven't he…