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Corporate Instant Messaging Service For BlackBerry From Intermedia

May 27, 2009 - Software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider specializing in messaging and collaboration solutions, Intermedia, has unveiled an instant messaging and presence solution that allows business users to engage in secure instant message conversations from BlackBerry smartphones to colleagues working at their desks.

Serguei Sofinski, CEO of Intermedia offered, '''Host OCS 2007 on the BlackBerry is another first to market achievement for Intermedia. We continuously strive to help our small and medium business customers compete more effective.''

This Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS) for BlackBerry solution is designed to go beyond basic wireless email synchronization to better connect mobile and remote employees with their offices for increased collaboration and productivity. Intermedia's offering is the first hosted version of OCS for the BlackBerry platform.

Rachi Messing, Vice President of Technology Services for DiscoverReady LLC, an Integrated…

Twitter VS Instant Messaging. What's next?

As time goes on I become more and more attracted by twitter. It’s amazing how it’s been connecting me more realtime with people I’d never be in contact with, and allows me to really build community relationships. It’s really becoming powerful.

It’s probably not fair to compare Twitter to live instant messenger, but I think it’s fair time that MS take a wake up call or two from the potential of twitter and how it will impact the enteprise. I know the SharePoint team has to take it seriously. Obviously I’m a HUGE MS Fan, and I’m not loosing my MS Religion. Twitter is not political, and I hope that it stays that way.

5 reasons why I’m spending less time invested with instant messaging and spending that time with Twitter… Instant messaging software isn’t dead, especially in the corporation, but it sure is taking some lumps and loosing some eyeballs for good reason. Hopefully this means innovation and we’ll see some magical integration. Do I hear a mashup?

Why didn’t cell phones replace…

Free Chat Encryption For Instant Messaging (IM) Presented By BitDefender

Like email messages, Instant Messaging (IM)software too suffers from the threat of malicious intruder. IM have become all-pervasive; at every location where a PC user access his/her IM account, faces the risk of being observed by hackers. You can never know who’s got an eye on your private conversations. There are several things you can do to make sure your chatting experience in instant messaging environments remains safe and secure such as never, ever give out personal information in a chat room, etc.

BitDefender Chat Encryption is a freeware program that controls your instant messages safe from hijacking through a simple and automatic encryption process. It protects your confidential documents and your instant messaging conversations through Yahoo! Messenger (8.1 or newer) and Windows Live (MSN) Messenger (v8.5 or newer).

To use BitDefender Chat Encryption, you just have to make sure the persons you are talking to install on their computer the same encryption tool or a BitDefender pr…

Geodesic Company Finished Acquisition Of Instant Messaging Co Interactive Networks Inc

After announcing its plans to acquire a South American messaging business in February, BSE listed firm Geodesic Ltd has completed the acquisition of Interactive Networks Inc (INI), a Montevideo, Uruguay. The amount paid to acquired a 100% stake in the company, which will now be a subsidiary of Geodesic, has not been disclosed. INI was founded in 1999, and in 2007, they had raised (translation)$800,000 from venture capital firm Properitas Capital Partners.

The acqusiition is in line with Geodesic’s focus on the messaging business, with its Mundu portfolio of solutions: while one may question the need for Geodesic to acquire INI instead of developing its own products, the company gets access to products and a client base by virtue of this deal.

Last year, Geodesic had acquired Internet Telephony company Phonestack. Note that the company is yet to officially confirm this.


INI specializes in secure private instant messaging (IM) solutions for enterprises, as well as Instant Messagin…

Secure and encrypted instant messaging applications.

Being security-conscious isn’t an admission that you have info you’d be ashamed to share. It’s about not willing to broadcast every detail of your person to the fine folks in the IT department at work, or who-knows-who at the neighborhood cafe.

If you are interested in security and safety when we talk about an instant messaging, you have many options for encrypted IM. A reminder: IM encryption means ‘more difficult to read’, not ‘impossible to read’. Here’s a list of instant messenger encryption options and overviews of their features. If you’ve used any of these your comments would be welcome.

IM Crypto.
The problem with IM Crypto is that the free version allows only one secured contact. Also limited IM client support: Yahoo messenger and ICQ only, and platform-wise only Windows 2000/XP/Vista, at least for now. The interface is attractive though.

It’s an encrypted IM client aimed at corporate customers. It’s not free, but it includes value-added features like White Board and Scr…

University Adopts Wireless LAN as Unified Data, Video, Voice Platform.

SUNNYVALE, Calif. --(Business Wire)-- North Carolina's Gardner-Webb University has installed a Meru Networks wireless LAN to support as the school's platform for unified data, instant messaging, voice and video communications for the next seven years.

The campus-wide Meru IEEE 802.11n draft 2.0 WLAN, installed in 2008, gives more than 4,000 students, faculty and teachers wireless access from every building and almost every outdoor space on Gardner-Webb's 200-acre campus. A residence hall now under construction will rely completely on the WLAN for all non-emergency intstant messaging communication, resulting in a ninety percent reduction in telecommunication costs for the new building.

Despite having built a state-of-the-art wired network - with a gigabit Ethernet port in every student's dormitory room - Gardner-Webb had been seeing a steady student migration to wireless connectivity over the past several years.

"We had invested in one of the best fixed networks at an…