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X-IM Presents Encrypted Instant Messaging Application.

X-IM is a free secure Instant Messaging and Chat application. Communicate securely with anyone using full 256-bit Strong Encryption. Please see our website for full details about our encryption. There is no need to purchase a separate security certificate or anything else. The X-IM software will generate your own private keys when you install, and you can start communicating immediately with confidence. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, whether you're a beginner or a pro. The Standard Version is completely free and fully functioning. The Pro Version removes ads from the interface and adds the ability to send encrypted Memos and File Transfers.

Instant Messaging For Enterprises.

Instant Messaging (IM) is getting very wide distributed in business communication. IM has the speed of phone without the interruption of service, and the convenience of email without the any time loss. Main requirements are that the communication is secure, archived, centrally managed and conforms to internal policies. Gartner Technology Business research predicts that by the end of 2010, nearly 100% of corporate PC users with an usual email account will be IM enabled. What about you? Are you there?

"ICQ" For Enterprises

The addition benefit of IM Server to your company gives users the ability to choose the method of communication that best adopted for their needs and work processes. This leads to improved collaboration and productivity for todays fast-paced workplace. By implementing internal Instant Messaging Server, computer users get a secure and managable replacement to popular networks they would be probably using anyways. Trusted users can get access to their AOL accoun…

CommFort Software Presents a Voice and Text Chat IM Client-Server for LAN or Internet.


CommFort is a multi-functional client-server LAN/Internet utility, includes an advanced text chat, voice chat and file/folder exchange system. It is powered for its thought-through text chat, which except the usual "smilies" offers convenient image inverting to dialogs. The low-latency voice chat gives the feeling of talking to a person standing next to you rather than sitting a globe away. And sending a file or an entire folder is just a matter of a mouse click; the automatic block size adjustment allows reaching the highest speeds possible when exchanging files over networks with 32 kbps through 1 Gbps of bandwidth. The program takes care of incomplete file downloads, automatically picking up broken file transfers and resuming them when the network is available.

PubliTronic BV Presents NetMessenger IM software


This instant messagin program that can be used for direct instant messaging via intranet, LAN and Internet networks. Unlike the products of instant messaging for Internet developed by other companies, AlpSoft NetMessenger is based on TCP/IP (not UDP) protocol. It supports guaranteed data delivery. AlpSoftNetMessenger was developed with the orientation on effective usage in the business environment.

General features:
Multiple recipients, File transfer, EMail notification, Message Filter and File Transfer are available in the current beta version.High security, AutoAnswering and realtime Direct Chat will be realised in the final version. Main module of NetMessenger has small size (about 190 Kbytes) and don't take a lot of memory resources.

Email messaging will die within 10 years.

According to research done by TalkTalk and the University of Kent it is clear that the trend of emailing seems to be vanished in the coming years. People are now advancing towards some new and modern ways of effective communication like social networking and instant messaging.

These new trends have badly affected the email communication as they have brought more speed and ease with them. Now a day’s people seems to be less communicating via email as they have got some secure social networks for communication and what would be better than an instant message.

The research carried by the above mentioned organizations found that 15 to 24-year-olds are more reliant on instant messengers like Skype and social networks like Facebook than they are on emails. Professor David Zeitlyn from the University of Kent is of the believe that this trend spells the end for email.

The same is case with Fax as the trends of this technology are also decreasing day by day. The less use of these tools and techno…

Businesses should make next step from email to instant messaging (IM) to improve security.

The stable growing in Web 2.0 communication services such as instant messaging (IM) and social networking networks - plus client-oriented applications that drive the services - means that heightened levels of vigilance are required against links and messages sent from hacked accounts, according to F-Secure.

According to the IT security and malware specialist, instead of logging in and out of the internet to send their email, many users are now constantly online with their computers and mobile phones.

This is, in part, being driven by the fact that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have grown rapidly as people are making use of the constant stream of fast communications that they enable.

Sean Sullivan, a security advisor with the Finland-headquartered F-Secure, said that cybercriminals are increasingly seeing opportunities to make money from hacking Facebook and other social networking accounts.

The high level of personal trust within communities of friends on these soci…

Secure Unified Communications: Secure Connections While on the Move.

Unified Communications routes channels of communication through multiple modalities: email, VoIP, voice mail, cell networks, telepresence, Instant Messaging, etc. Ironically, the greater the number of communication options, the more time-consuming it can be to connect with a specific individual. Also, UC can sometimes present a larger attack surface for those with malicious intent.

Unified Communications (UC) has enormous promise as a coherent, integrated approach to incorporating the full spectrum of business communications modalities, and as direct path to cut through "communications clutter" resulting in accelerated time-to-action. It also offers a cost-effective way to more directly connect the company to its customers, employees to employees, and more tightly bind business partners and suppliers. In the September 2009 Aberdeen Report "Unified Communications: Gaining a Competitive Advantage While on the Move," reducing human latency (the time delay in initiating…

VMware presents View 4 with software PC-over-IP.

Today VMware presented the most freshest version of their desktop software product, View 4. This new release has two main new features:

* A software-based, PC-over-IP remoting protocol is built-in
* View now runs on vSphere 4. (Completely new feature!!)

The remaining major features of View have not been updated, including:

* View Composer is the same as before.
* Offline VDI is still experimental.
* ThinApp is the same.
* VMware CVP (the client hypervisor) is still not available. (1H10 is the current ETA.)
* Windows 7 is not supported. (It’s there as “experimental.”)
* RTO Software’s Virtual Profiles product (which VMware announced they would OEM), is NOT yet included.

While there are many advantages to basing your VDI infrastructure on vSphere 4 (which we’ll look at later in this article), it looks like the only major new View-specific feature is PC-over-IP (despite the fact there are hundreds of people on the desktop team).

VMware’s software PC-over-IP protocol …

Pidgin. Multi-Protocol Iinstant Messaging Client.

There once was a pidgin, a strange kind of pidgin... I am talking about that latest IM client from the Gaim series, named as Pidgin 2.0.0, which came after a long period of waiting and broke the download tops. Why Pidgin 2.0.0 and not Gaim 2.0.0 is an old story, of which I'm pretty sure you all are aware; the story begins a long time ago, when AOL used to complain about Gaim's original name, GTK+ AOL Instant Messenger. Now, when AOL trademarked the AIM acronym too, Gaim had nothing left to do than change its name again. Pidgin came as the most suitable alternative, as it best describes this application's purpose and usage. The word pidgin defines a second language used as a means of communication between groups of individuals who do not share a common language. Even though it was designed for the Unix-like operating systems, Pidgin can now run on platforms such as Windows, Solaris, SkyOS and Qtopia, beside FreeBSD and Linux of course.

The most popular feature provided by Pi…

Network Software Solutions Presents MyChat 4.3

MyChat is a client-server based chat software, it is perfectly organized for message sending and an exchange of files in a network.

MyChat can be runned in corporate or intranet networks, and also through the Internet.

The product will be useful to the companies to which need a resource of corporate dialogue, but usage of such IM systems, as ICQ is inadmissible because of possibility of information leakage. With MyChat such problems will not be: you install a server and can inspect all.

Possibilities of system will pleasantly surprise even the most exacting users. Program installation, and also its usage will not cause any difficulties.

Built-in FTP server - There is a built in own file multithreaded FTP server in MyChat. It uses for an auto update of clients when new versions are released and for exchanging files between users.

Alert messages - It is possible to send the important message to any amount of people in a chat. Also it is possible to request a confirmation about perusal to be …

Nuotex Presents An Instant Messaging Tool For Yahoo Messenger.

BuddyCheck tool will scan the hidden online status of your Yahoo! instant Messenger friends. It will constantly check to see if they are online, even if they are changed status to invisible or are using any hidden mode. It will notify you using a tray area balloon when a contact login on or off. It does this by sending special messages to the Yahoo! Messenger server from a separate account which you must create. You could use your regular Yahoo! Messenger account for this, but this is not recommended since only one application can be logged in at any given time into one account. You can customize the period after which each contact is checked again for change, and you can set individual checking periods for some of your contacts. You can also easily import contacts from any Yahoo! Messenger account that you have.

Security Of Instant Messaging Is Important Thing.

Instant messaging (IM) software, such as Windows Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk, have moved beyond the world of high school chatter and into the world of corporate communications. Yet, in many cases, security policies and processes haven't caught up to this technology. It's now time to consider how instant messaging is, and should be, used in your organisation, and how to protect against IM threats.

Instant messaging policies

The first step is to clearly state your organisation's policy on instant messaging. Can users install and use IM software on systems owned by the organisation? If you have a strict "no outside software" policy, you may think you're covered, but keep in mind that Windows XP SP2 ships with Windows Messenger installed, creating a policy loophole.

Here's a set of questions you should consider when defining your organisation's IM policy:

Is IM use permissible on your network?
May users run IM software on systems owned by your …

Wu Weisheng Presents LuLu Messenger version 2.3.0 for LAN

LuLu Messenger is a cool and easy to use software designed for chat and file exchange over a LAN network.

There are some key benefits of "LuLu Messenger for LAN":

· Instant Messages
· Picture Transfer
· Smileys
· Screenshot Transfer
· Files and Directory Sending
· Files and Directory Sharing
· Carbon copying(Cc, c.c.) Message
· Broadcast Messaging
· Platform Independent
· Handsome GUI
· IP Multicast Protocol
· Fast Transfer Speed
· Support Custom Faces
· Support Custom Emotions
· Language Customization Support
· Based on High-performance and Real-time ACE Network Library
· Based on Qt High-level GUI Library

IMbrella Released An Instant Message Monitoring Software IMbrella Enterprise Monitor 3.0

IMbrella Software, a global supplier of instant message monitoring software to enterprises and educational organizations, has presented version 3.0 of its well-known IMbrella Enterprise Monitor. The latest version employs IMbrellas patent pending MessageStorm Technology to eliminate the need for custom hardware and/or proxy resets on every network PC.

While other IM monitoring solutions asks expensive hardware gateways or time-consuming proxy configuration, IMbrella can be installed on any admin PC station with entrance to the network. IMbrellas powerful new technology watches all network traffic, filtering and recording all IM sessions including AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ chat. Until now, secure instant messaging was an incredibly arduous mission for overworked IT Managers and CTOs," said Marty Schultz, President of IMbrella. Our latest release literally drops in and starts recording in minutes."

A free 15-day demo of IMbrella v3.0 with MessageStorm is now available at: http://w…

New Message Processing Platform Is Presented by Sendmail

Sendmail, Inc., a supplier of secure email and instant messaging infrastructures, presented its latest version of its Sentrion Message Processing Engine, Sentrion MPE 4.0, at VMworld 2009 held in San Francisco this week.

According to a statement the Sentrion MPE 4.0 key new features consist:

* Centralized Reporting and data aggregation with on-demand, template-driven reports, and customizable report execution.
* System and Application Monitoring of the entire MPE, including hardware, OS and all MPE components.
* Full Configuration Version Control for tracking and managing all system configuration changes with support for full roll-back and configuration tagging.
* New Graphical User Interface consolidates the previous component-based interface segregation by collapsing the most critical Sentrion MPE components under a common UI framework.

LAN Messenger in Win Popup Style. IP messenger.

IP LAN Messenger is a software tool that suggest you to exchange messages via the IP number of PC stations within designated blocks of IP addresses. If you manage thousands of IP addresses, you can send chat to thousands of computers. This unique application is made for using within your IP adresses range allocated to your business network. It also offers with realtime statistics which display you successes and failures of application.

IP Messenger also scan people who are using it in the network and automatically adds them your buddy list with the name set in the software. Its an open source, multi platform messenger based on TCP/UDP. IP Messenger also available in languages like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese.

Instant messaging security. What are key factors?

Business IT message board users generally trust that the key factors around IM security is policy, enforcement and training. Apparently, individual business structures should solve how far they want to go with each of these, depending on the nature of the risk and its potential impact on the business processes, write Kate Danbury, head of information security, and Ollie Ross, head of research, at The Corporate IT Forum.

Everywhere, there is rising pressure from within corporates for IT to provide communication and collaboration technologies that users are familiar with and use extensively in home and social environments: most notably instant messaging. Instant Messaging supports productivity; it's fast, it's easy to use and it's the tool of choice for the new generation of office workers.

But from security sign, its risks are comparable with e-mail. It might also impact workforce productivity - at least until the novelty of 'chat' wears off - it can shortcut processe…

Microsoft® Office Communicator service extended the Secure Instant Messaging (IM)

Improve office co-workers abilities to find and communicate with each other.

Herndon, VA (PRWEB) August 11, 2009 -- Apptix (OSE: APP), the leading supplier of hosted Microsoft Exchange email, Microsoft SharePoint communication services, and VoIP phone services for small and medium businesses (SMBs), today presented it has extended the Secure Instant Messaging (IM) and Presence capabilities of its hosted Microsoft® Office Communicator service to mobile devices.

The service, Office Communicator Mobile, is a unified communications client that extends the reach of Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) secure IM subscriptions to mobile devices. Integrated with Microsoft Exchange, mobile users can directly access contacts within their Global Address List, and use the application's real-time presence information to learn another person's availability and status. Users can even choose to be alerted when contacts become available.
Directly from their mobile device, users can chat, …

Air Messenger LAN Server

The Air Messenger LAN Server is the most powerful network wireless instant messaging software available that has been developed especially for the LAN environment. With Air Messenger LAN Server running on a one workstation allows your entire office to send alphanumeric pages to anyone without the need of a modem line at each work station. All pages are sent over your existing network to the Air Messenger LAN Server for processing. Additional support has been implemented for SNPP that allows other messaging software that conforms to the SNPP protocol to send messages through the Air Messenger LAN Server as well (SNPP Forwarding Proxy Server). The Air Messenger LAN Server also supports ETAP which allows for message delivery confirmation when used with SMS systems like Nextel or other Digital Cellular Carriers. New in 5.0, the Kenwood FleetSync protocol was add. This allows you to send text message to your Kenwood FleetSync enabled 2-Way radios. Air Messenger LAN Server is a must-have fo…

Microsoft fights again IM spammers.

Redmond files law suit against firm accused of spimming Windows Live Messenger customers.

Microsoft has filed a law suit against mobile ringtone firm as part of its ongoing efforts to clamp down on instant messaging spam messages, which it says undermines users’ online privacy and security.

In a blog posting, Microsoft associate general counsel for internet safety enforcement, Tim Cranton, said Redmond is alleging that Funmobile “conducted a significant campaign to undermine the privacy of Windows Live Messenger customer accounts and to ‘spim’ our customers’ contacts”.

Microsoft is seeking to recover monetary damages as well as an immediate injunction to stop the activity. “Above all, we hope the lawsuit will send a clear message to all potential perpetrators that this kind of activity is not tolerated on our networks,” wrote Cranton.

Microsoft is alleging that Funmobile sent bogus IMs to customers, who were then asked for their IM username and password to log in. Once obtained by the com…

Are You Sure About Your Instant Messaging Software Safety?

Instant messaging communication is a general and simple computer process involving PC users all over the world. It exists in peer to peer, spoken, written or gesticulated form. Today I'm going to concentrate on an instant messaging type of communication due to the fact that a vulnerability was identified in Lotus Instant Messenger. I suppose most of you know what instant messaging is. In fact, the name instant messaging can speak for itself. A potential denial-of-service vulnerability can be prompted by certain malformed Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) records which make the IBM® Global Security Toolkit (GSKIT) component fail and thus provoke the application to terminate.

I suppose that most of you really know what Instant messaging is. However, in order to know more about it, let me remind you briefly what it is. Instant messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two or more people based on typed text. The text is transmitted through devices connected over a network li…

IM Applications for IPhone. What's new in instant messaging software tools?

When push notification was installed to the iPhone system, a many of people were trying Instant Messagess pushed to their iPhone. I’d always figured Instant messaging applications were based around the “instant” part of the phrase, and someone pushing an IM to me might be disappointed if I don’t get back to them right away. Well, guess who’s been a big iPhone Instant Messenger since 3.0 came out? Go on, you’ll never guess. Yep, it’s me. I’d like my crow with a side of au jus, and a loaded baked potato, please.

First a quick word of warning: by no means are my comments here to be construed as any sort of a formal review. While I’ve tried to run all of these apps through their paces, I wouldn’t feel comfortable calling any of my comments a review — they’re more like first impressions.

That said, while there are 10 apps we tested out, it quickly became clear to me this was a race between Beejive and IM+ Push. The important criteria for me were: the ability to connect to multiple IM protoco…

Secure Peer-to-Peer Networks Give Trust to File Exchange.

These local Peer-2-Peers LANs let you transfer files of any kind with your close friends only, wasting concerns over virus dangers that have discouraged many people from using public file-sharing networks like Kazaa, Emule, Torrent.

Jackson West, PC World

Stephane Herry says that he founded his private file-sharing network GigaTribe out of frustration at not being able to share files with his friends on Kazaa. Every time he searched for a file that he knew a friend had uploaded, he saw only similar files uploaded by strangers.

Why not, Herry thought, create a peer-to-peer (P2P) application that permitted only trusted sources to share files? Such a network would be far more secure, because you’d be sharing files exclusively with people you know and trust--not with complete strangers, some of whom may wittingly or unwittingly be spreading viruses.

Herry’s idea is proving to be popular. Some of the biggest names in public peer-to-peer file sharing now offer private alternatives. In its lates…

Opera Browser Application Unite – File Sharing, Instant Messaging, Note Taking & more.

Unite is a ‘plugin’ that was installed to a version of Opera 10 Beta. It’s an incredibly small server integrated into the Opera browser. This platform enables you to run various plugins or mini applications that accomplish different tasks such as file sharing, note sharing, photo sharing, secure notes and instant messaging.

Unite eliminates the need for a third party server that would normally proxy or relay the content, such as Yahoo Messenger, Flickr, Twitter. It’s essentially like setting up a web server on your own computer, without the hassle of manually installing various software, configuring them and getting a DNS (Domain Name System) account. It also makes the installation of new functionality a “point and click” process.

You will now be able to start any of the services listed in the left sidebar, such as file sharing. They are designed to be extremely easy to use. For example, to enable File Sharing, click on the File Sharing icon and then on Start. To protect your privacy, i…

Secure Instant Messaging Issues

Many people talk about safety in the corporation from intruders—including, perhaps, its own employees. But who's protecting your instant messages from hackers attacks? Most companies don't pay a big attention for some personal calls, e-mails, and IMs, as long as the privilege isn't abused. But don't forget—they can legally monitor conversations on their equipment, whether phone or computer. So not only are your e-mails fair game, but so are your IM sessions.

While we're sure your messages are entirely wholesome and aboveboard, we're equally sure there are some you'd rather not have bandied around the department or forwarded to everyone. Fortunately, you can secure your personal IM messages without too much difficulty. Bear in mind, however, that no encryption scheme prevents keystroke capturing or copying unencrypted text from the screen by spyware and monitoring software; the messages are encrypted only while in transit, on your network, or on the Internet.

Instant messaging applications (IM) with multiclient support.

A lot of multiclient instant-messaging (IM) services have cropped up that allow computer users to chat with each other over the Internet. Some can be installed onto your desktop, while others can be accessed online on the Internet. In either case, they're worth trying out, if you want to enjoy a fine experience communicating with your friends.

Multiclient IM resources

Adium Adium is my favorite multiclient instant-messaging tool for a few reasons. It supports practically any IM platform around, including AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk (via Jabber), and more. It even has a plug-in for Skype.

You'll rarely have any trouble communicating with friends in the service. But its most redeeming quality is that it's open source. So, if you want to modify the code to fit your own IM desires, that's possible. And those in the open-source community are constantly improving the product, whose updates typically install with ease.

When you download Adium (it's av…

Do You Use Instant Messaging (IM) Chat online?

Instant Messaging software (IM), we thought we had it made in the shade when we stumbled over this unique way to communicate! Outside of talking face-to-face on the phone, IM was the next best thing. Texting instant communication was endless and cost was nonexistent. Well, those were the good old days of yore - you know, those days of glorious innocence.

Just as we were getting oh so comfortable, happily IMing away to each other, then came the cloak-and-dagger entrance of the treacherous “IM villains”. With their ominous arrival, the party abruptly ended. It seemed like overnight, our instant messaging (IM) turned into instant mercenaries, and the carnage was strewn all over the Internet.

First, it was one by one, then the numbers increased and starting growing exponentially, as friends began receiving, and inadvertently sending, viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. Then it went from bad to worse, as report after report surfaced describing the grisly results of innocent victims losing the…

Companies controls use of instant messaging software within an office environment.

Modern companies have been advised to control workers' use of instant messaging rather than blocking it outright.

A new guide to securing instant messaging is the latest in the ‘Securing Social Media' series of guides from Network Box, and claims that companies are increasingly finding that their employees are often using instant messaging for a business reason such as customer contact, or contact with remote teams.

However Network Box claimed that many instant messaging services are not secure, and so IT managers should control which services are used and secure them effectively.

Simon Heron, internet security analyst at Network Box, claimed that employee education is the most important factor in securing instant messaging. Heron said: “We need to go through a similar education process with employees as for spam email.

“Broadly, the messages for employees are: only use the service approved by your IT department, don't trust anyone you don't know, don't click on shared…

How Instant Messaging Helps You In Fight Against Financial Crisis.

There are lot ways that a hosted IM client can help you in today’s economical situation, whether you are unemployed or not. If you ARE employed, of course you can use a hosted Instant Messaging program to help you communicate with your co-workers, employees, and supervisors, along with clients. If you are unemployed, however, you can still used secure IM to your advantage. Even though you may not have a full-time job, you can use Instant Messaging software to network with acquaintances, colleagues, and others. You’ll never know what someone knows someone else who can give you the recommendation, tip, or introduction you need in order to secure the job of your dreams!

Communication skills are crucial in ANY job field, and instant messaging can only improve your communication (and typing!) skills. Since I have started using instant messaging on a daily basis, my typing speed (words per minute) has only improved. I can now almost type 70 words per minute! Being able to practice my typing…

Unified Communications (UC) Is Brought By Mitel-Itec To Mid-Market.

Johannesburg, 3 June 2009 - Mitel, a leading provider of IP business communications solutions, has partnered with Itec South Africa in anticipation of huge growth in the local IP telephony market. Both companies believe IP telephony will dominate developments in the telecoms sector over the next 18 months.

In terms of the agreement, Itec has been named an accredited Mitel distributor for South Africa.

“The partnership will enable Mitel to significantly expand its route to market as it allows us to take advantage of Itec's well-established national footprint,” says Andy Bull, director at Mitel. “There are natural vertical and horizontal synergies between our two companies; we help people respond to real world business challenges with communication solutions that drive productivity, improve performance and reduce costs.”

Frank Mullen, chief operating officer of Itec Enterprise Solutions, says the partnership, which is aimed at the medium enterprise segment, forms part of the group'…