Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Send Messages, Share Files With LAN Users Using Squiggle LAN Messenger

Setting up a LAN messaging is very easy using a Router but the problem is setting up for sharing files and folders across the users on the LAN, in case you are looking for simple alternative software then you can try Squiggle which is a free LAN messenger that does not require a server and can run off a USB Drive. Squiggle has a very simple interface, and also has features very similar to any IM client, users can also set status messages.


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Key Features:

* Server-less LAN chat
* Group chat
* File Transfer
* Spell Check
* Emoticons
* Display message
* Tray popups for online/offline users.

There are 3 main actions that users can perform

* Send a instant message
* Send a broadcast message to all users
* Send ie. Share files with users on the LAN

Just enter a user name of your choice to identify yourself on the LAN and next you can find all the users on the LAN in the friends list.Your status can also be set to Online, Busy, Offline, Away, or Be Right Back.To share a file with a user on the LAN, select “Send a File” under “Action” Menu and next select the user and next browse and select the file that you would like to share with our friends.

Squiggle being a portable app is light and leaves no tracks and makes it easy start and conduct a LAN Chat.

Monday, September 20, 2010

So, what about Skype security?

With the wide selection of PC users using Skype, many wonder just how secure this new means of instant messaging is. Can other people read the conversations that are held through the instant messaging system in Skype? What about phone calls, can they be recorded, can they be heard by 3rd parties? Since Skype is used by a lot of organizations, wondering is Skype secure is a very practical question for many.
Skype is for the most part secure. All conversations whether voice, video or instant messaging are encrypted with strong encryption algorithms. This makes the calls private and secure. That being said, there can be ways that these conversations can be unprotected. One way can be if one of the participants in the conversation is using Skype software that has been modified, or the calls are being routed thru servers and other phone networks. Once these elements are brought into play, the security can be breached and it is possible that a conversation can become unsecure.
Skype also adds protection to their system, by making sure that the software one needs to download is free of adware, malware and spyware. This means that nothing that is downloaded with the software will produce intrusive advertisements, nothing will log ones activities and there should be no programs that will cause problems to ones computer. It still is possible that a person or business could have downloaded some of these troublesome programs through another source, that is why it is recommended that one use an antivirus program on a regular basis and keep it up to date.

Skype strives to keep its customer’s data secure. They do, however, have to cooperate with local law enforcement. When the need arises, Skype will do what they can legally to provide assistance to a law enforcement agency that requests such information. They do not disclose personal or other information unless they have an authorized lawful request in compliance with local laws. Even though the main company is located in Luxembourg, they have local partners, operators or companies that provide personal data, communications and other such services. This makes the local laws applicable in most cases.

Unofficial Chat Client of Yahoo IM: YahElite.

YahElite (an acronym from Yahoo Elite) is most popular unofficial instant messaging client of Yahoo Messenger. It’s because YahElite messenger offers you many goodness like stability, security, tool, unbootable, and no advertisement.

Stability and speed is the plus point when you connect to the chat room or when you login to the server of Yahoo Messenger. It’s also have a good protection again spam, bots and other virus activities.

This Secure Instant Messenger can make you feel save when you doing you business Instant Message such as for Deal with your client or your partner And of course YahElite have no advertisement on it’s. YahElite is free ware software. Therefore you can download and use Yahoo Elite chat client with a free payment or registration.

Here are some features of YahElite :

* Stability and speed when we connect to the chat room or when we login to the server of yahoo messenger.
* Have a good protection again spam, bots and other harmful activities
* Unbootable
* Webcam
* You can also use a sock proxy or proxy to connect to yahoo server
* Use your microphone and talk via voice chat
* Tattoo is available too.
* You can make an alternating font easier and better
* Secure Instant Messenger
* YahElite have no advertisement
* Ability to view full of emoticons,
* Ignore lists
* Join chat room
* Auto boot ID detection.

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