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S-IMCO, Inc presents corporate instant messenger S-IMessenger

Secure Instant Messenger supports message history encrypting, secure file-transfer and a lot of configuration options.


* Pentium || - 300Mhz
* 128 MB RAM (256 recommended)
* 10 MB hard disk space
* Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (beta)

With S-IMessenger you can be sure that all your communication is secure. S-IMessenger is capable of using TLSV1 , SSLV3, SSLV2 (not recommended) protocols. For all the TLS/SSL communication, S-IMessenger uses the industry standard tool-kit OpenSSL.

Besides all the communication that takes place between the client & the server being secure, S-IMessenger uses Blowfish encryption algorithm to encrypt anything that is stored locally. So all the history files and sensitive user-data is encrypted before storing them locally.

Allowing the user to login as Appearing Offline, automatically updating the status according to user activity, S-IMessenger helps the user effectively manage his or her presence.


ClearIM is a new XMPP-based instant messaging service.

January 20, 2009: Sydney based messaging SaaS provider Cleartext has launched a new XMPP-based instant messaging service called ClearIM.

The service connects to the federated Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) network, for example GTalk and the upcoming Facebook chat, public IM services like MSN and AIM and micro-blogging services like Twitter and

Based on XMPP the new service is tapping into a growing demand for standards based instant and micro messaging in the small to medium business market across all sectors. The initial offering mirrors a hosted email service with security (SSL), use of your own domain and cloud based archiving.

"Cleartext is expanding its SaaS platform with an eye to the future and the inevitable move towards business use of social network based messaging and micro-blogging over XMPP." said David Banes, Managing Director of Cleartext.

ClearIM is available as a beta test platform now. The company is encouraging people to sign up …

Instant Messaging Market is Increasing: 2008-2012

Analysis of Market for Instant Messaging Software

PALO ALTO, CA - The Radicati Group, Inc.'s latest study, "Instant Messaging Market, 2008-2012," offers an in-depth analysis of the market for Instant Messaging. The study divides the market into four segments: Public IM, Enterprise IM, IM Management & Security, and IM Aggregators. It provides installed base and revenue market share by vendor, four-year forecasts, and breakouts by region and business size for each segment of the market.

In the past year, Instant Messaging vendors have seen a significant shift from enterprises using Public IM to purchasing and deploying Enterprise IM networks with enhanced security and robust administrative control functions. In the consumer IM market, providers have begun adding various new features to keep users engaged with SMS text messaging, voice and video chat capabilities, and Web 2.0 interactivity-type features, such as avatars, tool bars, games, music, social networking capabili…

Alternative ICQ Chat Client without Annoying Ads. Have you tried QIP?

If you looking for alternative ICQ page that also support Jabber Protocol, you may use QIP. With QIP (Quite Internet Pager) you can chat in ICQ and got alot of features in there. For ICQ users, QIP is one of the most popular instant messengers client.

Features available in QIP ICQ Client

Like common ICQ Clients, you can have buddy list, IM windows, Avatar and many more. The plus point using QIP is you can chat with a lot of people only using one windows and no ads in there. This because of QIP using Tab Window to their IM windows. You can also Change the language, Skin, H istory, use Contact Manager and many more.

Free Download QIP Chat Client

QIP is a freeware chat client of Jabber and ICQ. We can also said tha QIP is multi messenger aka multi protocol client. QIP available in PDA and computer desktop.

MessengeRoo published best IM chart 2009

Best Instant Messaging Services 2009 according to MessengeRoo:

Best IM Services

1. Yahoo Messenger
2. AOL Messenger
3. Windows Live Messenger
4. Google Talk

Best Third Party Multi Protocol All in One Messenger

1. Digsby
2. Meebo
3. Pidgin
4. Adium
5. Miranda

Best Mobile Messenger

1. Mig33
2. Ebuddy
3. Fring

Google Talk, IM, Skype has been brought to iPhone and iPod touch by Truphone.

In a fairly comprehensive New Years blitz, Truphone has released a clutch of new features to it’s iPod application. Users of the free phone call app can now make calls and send IM over both Skype IM and Google Talk. MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger are limited to IM at the moment, with call functions to come in the next few weeks. Twitter is also integrated, and users can send and receive twits from within the Truphone app.

From the release:

“The introduction of Skype calling and instant messaging software represents yet another breakthrough for Truphone,” said Geraldine Wilson, Truphone CEO. “What this means for Truphone’s customers is that they can now call or message all their Skype friends using their iPhone or iPod touch. This allows iPhone and iPod touch users to have a choice in how they stay in touch with friends and colleagues around the world—all within the one application.”