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Instant Messaging Application For IPhone: iMsgYou.

Do you know that, with iMsgYou, you can chat with buddies / friends / family members. When you open the WiFi to connect with the LAN, you can search your friends in local area network inside. Then it is very simple for you to chat with them with the big keyboard.

1. Landscape interface orientation display for inputting text messages.
2. put members list / messages display / input box together for a convenient Quick View,
3. Click one item of the messages display table list to view the details
4. You can choose to have your message sent to any online users
5. To use the big keyboard to edit the message you want to send
6. Click Send, iMsgYou will take your message to recipient very fast .
7. You can also chat with several people at the same time by setting up your contact object
9. sign a nickname you love to show in the network, it will be very interesting things.

At the LAN iMsgYou make you convenient to send messages to your friends, for you to save money, save your time, but it is …

First Mobile Instant Messaging (IM) Application Is Presented by Antenna Software.

AMP(TM) IM Enables Secure, Auditable, and Real-Time Collaboration Across Multiple Device Platforms.

CHICAGO, IL - GARTNER Wireless & Mobile Summit -- Antenna Software, delivering real business mobility to the world's most demanding enterprises, today announced the launch of AMP(TM) IM, the first cross-platform, ready-to-deploy mobile instant messaging (IM) solution built specifically for the mobile workforce. With enterprise-grade security and support across multiple devices, AMP IM empowers workers in the field to collaborate with each other in an asynchronous manner, leading to significantly improved knowledge sharing and increased effectiveness. Built as a reusable application component, AMP IM can be easily integrated with voice, e-mail and other mobile applications, or deployed standalone. It runs on BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and iPhone(TM) devices and offers the security, control and visibility that businesses need in an IM solution.

Despite the many enterprise and consum…

Want To Get Answering Machine For Your IM?

Computer's personal often face problems when they have to take a break from their PC for some time and can’t answer to emails and instant messages. Actually, for email you can set up an autoresponder if you use Outlook software, and there’s a way out for gmail, too.

But what can you do with your instant messenger? I have a lot of IM accounts for any purposes with different people in each account. So what utility can tell these people that I am out on a vacation or down with fever? comes to the rescue by setting up an automated web based answering machine for your instant messenger. It works with MSN, ICQ, AIM, Yahoo and Google Talk as of now.

How it Works

Setting it up is very simple. First, hop over to Then, select your IM network (like GTalk, Yahoo, etc). Fill in your username and password and hit Login.


Now, you can customize your automated reply and select the status you would like your account to remain at. Since the service is web based, your …

Instant Messaging Security. How To Encrypt your chat?

We all got secrets. Passwords, Social Security numbers, a safe combination, trade secrets…

Well, we can’t exactly condone corporate espionage (We’ve had enough of that, thank you very much!). However if you are, as an example, a newly-elected company President, with secrets to keep just between you and a friend or sweetie over IM, you’re likely going to want some form of encryption between the two of you.

There are several ways to accomplish this, but here are the two absolute easiest ways. The first is web-based, because we just adore web-apps.

You will likely have heard by now of Meebo, the instant-messaging app that only requires your browser. It’s handy for when you’re on, say, your brother’s computer (as I am right now), and you need to get at your contact list. While your IM passwords are always sent through encrypted, secure means, accessing the site via the secure HTTPS protocol like so encrypts your messages as well, allowing for tighter security.

As an alternative to Meebo, I s…

IIRA Technologies presents Sanchar and Rakshak

IIRA Technologies has developed these products for efficacious and affordable communication, to make the system economical for all the small and medium enterprises. The products are very robust, secured and matches the international standards. The products are plug and play devices that will blend with your current set-up perfectly.

IIRA Technologies has deep experience and expertise in enterprise computing and secured solutions. We always want to devise IT products which are not only secure, technically advance but affordable to all whether having infrastructure of 5 systems or 500. The products are the result of 9 years consistent research and development, thus are very advance, secure and affordable.

The products are:

Sanchar: As the name suggest its a communication device for office productivity as deals with Common Address book, Calendar, Task, Mailing List, Instant Messaging (internal chat), Push Mail (mails from computer to mobiles automatically), VoIP (Talk unlimited for free).


Instant Messaging Fighst to Get its Message Across in Enterprise.

In many cases, technology that starts out in the consumer sector migrates to the office. It is almost as if we have replaced “take you daughter to work day” with “take your favorite electronic device to work day.” This happened with Wi-Fi, it happened with smartphones and it happened with instant messaging. In each case, smart vendors saw an opportunity to add the features – some systemic and fundamental, some cosmetic – that made the technology ready for business use.

The bottom line is that good ideas for consumers, if properly adjusted, are good ideas for businesses. In the case of IM, however, the adoption rate of corporate platforms has been inconsistent. A step in the right direction was made today as Thomas Reuters launched Reuters Messaging (RM) Interchange.The platform enables workers using Cisco’s Jabber XCP, IBM Lotus Sametime and Microsoft Live Communications Server/Office Communications Server to communicate with each other fluidly. The piece says that RM Exchange offers …