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X-IM Presents Encrypted Instant Messaging Application.

X-IM is a free secure Instant Messaging and Chat application. Communicate securely with anyone using full 256-bit Strong Encryption. Please see our website for full details about our encryption. There is no need to purchase a separate security certificate or anything else. The X-IM software will generate your own private keys when you install, and you can start communicating immediately with confidence. The interface is extremely intuitive and easy-to-use, whether you're a beginner or a pro. The Standard Version is completely free and fully functioning. The Pro Version removes ads from the interface and adds the ability to send encrypted Memos and File Transfers.

Instant Messaging For Enterprises.

Instant Messaging (IM) is getting very wide distributed in business communication. IM has the speed of phone without the interruption of service, and the convenience of email without the any time loss. Main requirements are that the communication is secure, archived, centrally managed and conforms to internal policies. Gartner Technology Business research predicts that by the end of 2010, nearly 100% of corporate PC users with an usual email account will be IM enabled. What about you? Are you there?

"ICQ" For Enterprises

The addition benefit of IM Server to your company gives users the ability to choose the method of communication that best adopted for their needs and work processes. This leads to improved collaboration and productivity for todays fast-paced workplace. By implementing internal Instant Messaging Server, computer users get a secure and managable replacement to popular networks they would be probably using anyways. Trusted users can get access to their AOL accoun…

CommFort Software Presents a Voice and Text Chat IM Client-Server for LAN or Internet.


CommFort is a multi-functional client-server LAN/Internet utility, includes an advanced text chat, voice chat and file/folder exchange system. It is powered for its thought-through text chat, which except the usual "smilies" offers convenient image inverting to dialogs. The low-latency voice chat gives the feeling of talking to a person standing next to you rather than sitting a globe away. And sending a file or an entire folder is just a matter of a mouse click; the automatic block size adjustment allows reaching the highest speeds possible when exchanging files over networks with 32 kbps through 1 Gbps of bandwidth. The program takes care of incomplete file downloads, automatically picking up broken file transfers and resuming them when the network is available.

PubliTronic BV Presents NetMessenger IM software


This instant messagin program that can be used for direct instant messaging via intranet, LAN and Internet networks. Unlike the products of instant messaging for Internet developed by other companies, AlpSoft NetMessenger is based on TCP/IP (not UDP) protocol. It supports guaranteed data delivery. AlpSoftNetMessenger was developed with the orientation on effective usage in the business environment.

General features:
Multiple recipients, File transfer, EMail notification, Message Filter and File Transfer are available in the current beta version.High security, AutoAnswering and realtime Direct Chat will be realised in the final version. Main module of NetMessenger has small size (about 190 Kbytes) and don't take a lot of memory resources.