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Primus to Provide VoIP for MSN Messenger

Primus Telecommunications Group, Inc. has entered into an agreement with Microsoft Corp. to provide Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) services for MSN Messenger Service customers. Marketed as "PrimusTalk," once a user has logged into MSN Messenger Service, calls can be made by clicking on the "Make a Phone Call" link. A phone dialer will appear where a call can be made to any number -- national, international or mobile.

The McLean, Va.-based Primus will provide PrimusTalk service as an Internet telephony application that can be accessed by any user accessing MSN Messenger Service. Specifically, the PC-to-phone service will be integrated with the MSN Messenger Service as an option that may be accessed by users of Microsoft client software programs.

"Primus is leading the way to a carrier class era of converged communications solutions," said John Melick, co-president of Primus and one of the principal developers and implementers of the company's VoIP i…

New AIM Beta Turns On Two-Way Social Networking

A new beta release of AIM's client software moves the instant messaging service ahead on its increasing awareness of the challenges posed by social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

With the release of AIM 2.0.222, "Lifestream" features offer users a way to post to their accounts on Twitter, Facebook, delicious, Digg, YouTube and flickr from the client, providing a one-stop location for updates to and from assorted buddies, friends and contacts on those services. AIM has also enhanced mobile integration, allowing users to update their statuses or receive updates from their contacts via SMS.

One-way integration with the services, using the AIM client as a way to receive updates, was introduced earlier in the summer when was introduced.

Setting up a new connection between an AIM account and a service involves clicking an "add" link on the service and stepping through whatever authorization mechanisms it provides. Connecting an AIM accoun…

Instant Messaging Over LAN

It used to be that businesses had a general dependance on what types of products and services were attractive to the internet users. In the early days of the Internet, networking LAN technologies and needs were the driving force behind the creation of many software applications and tools that users accessed. The growing popularity of the World Wide Web with casual computer users led to a paradigm shift in how to approach usable software solutions for these users. Simple to install and use software applications such as file sharing, e-mail and instant chat programs were instantly popular.

Businesses began to take notice of how these tools could be useful in everyday work settings. As such, organizations began to look into how to utilize collaborative tools such as sending IMs on LANs, social network portals and productivity applications to support their objectives. Initial tools required either using obscure and hard to understand command line utilities such as net send in order to comm…

Apptix Secure Instant Messaging Software

Apptix Secure Instant Messaging is an enterprise-class messaging system that protects against security breaches without compromising the efficiency and productivity of instant communications. Native integration with Microsoft Outlook® provides real-time Presence awareness for more effective connections.

Key Benefits

* Enhanced communication and collaboration through media-rich interactive audio or video online meetings
* Significant reduction of business travel costs
* Recording functionality for future playback
* Seamless integration with other hosted solutions
* Includes Secure Instant Messaging

Standard Features

* End-to-end encryption
* One-on-one or multi-user chats
* Integration with Microsoft Outlook
* Direct access to contacts within Global Address List
* Real-time Presence information
* Alerts when contacts become available

Optional Capabilities

In addition to standard IM service, Apptix enables you to extend your Instant Messaging capabilities to your mobile device. This all…

5 Reasons You Don't Need Facebook Messenger

Facebook's free Instant Messaging application for iPhone and Android has already got many downloads - but that doesn't mean it's a special achievement.

Facebook released Tuesday a standalone IM tool for the iPhone and Android, spread between cell phone users a dedicated tool for messaging it up with their Facebook friends. The prog has already proven its popularity by rocketing to the top of the iPhone Free Apps list, but popularity alone does not make for a great utility.

Here are five simple reasons why professionals don't need the Facebook Messenger app.

1. It's Redundant

There's already an official Facebook messaging app for the iPhone and Android. It's called Facebook. If you want to message your friends from your phone, you just launch it, go the to main menu, and tap Messages. When you have new messages in the regular Facebook app, you still get a notification badge. While it may make business sense for Facebook to make a play to become a major insta…

How To Secure Your Instant Messaging Communication?

Instant messaging (IM) existed before the Internet in multi-user operating systems as early as the 1960s. In 1996, Internet-wide IM became widely available through the ICQ platform. During the early days of Internet IM, ICQ and subsequent instant messaging services lacked privacy and security. Although IM services have increased security measures, there are still many risks in using an IM service. Take precautions that ensure secure IM.

1. Use messaging services that support encryption for authentication during log in and when messages are sent and received, such as Skype or AOL Instant Messenger. Encryption help to keep your passwords and messages from being hacked by unwanted persons across the Internet.

Some IM providers have encryption turned on by default while others ask you to turn it on in your messenger settings yourself. Before using a service, double check your settings to make sure encryption is enabled.

2. Prefer an IM company that does not keep a log or history from communi…

How Secure Is Instant Messaging?

Instant Messaging software (IM) can be a really helpful tool, but we know the following risks:

Don’t think your everyday IM conversations are private. They going over the network unencrypted and can be easily stealed. IM isn't a good way to transfer sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passwords, and social security numbers. It's about as secure as email, which is to say "not all that secure."

Worms are also a big problem. Several IM worms will send messages to all your IM buddies with instructions to "click here" to play a computer game or view an image, but point instead to a malicious URL that installs a virus. These messages will appear to your buddies either as you are initiating a session with them or in the middle of an existing IM session with you. And the worm is even smart enough to impersonate your buddy in the conversation if you try to verify his or her identity with a question like, "Is it really you?" To prevent infection, keep…

Akeni Instant Messaging Software

Akeni Instant Messaging software - Business LAN IM is a client/server instant messaging platform that allows companies to keep their own secured private IM talks. The client has an user interface similar to AIM, ICQ, or MSN Messenger. It supports all the standard IM features such as chat, group conference, presence management, file transfer, offline messages and emergency alert/notification. Extra features include contact management and optional tabbed chat sessions.The server has advanced administration tools for managing user accounts, client-side logging capabilities and peer-to-peer file transfers. Akeni Pro Messenger can be setup on a private network without connecting to the internet and can easily be setup for use inside and outside the company firewall.

Akeni Instant Messaging -Pro Business IM 1.2 Chat Tools software developed by Akeni. The license of this chat tools software is shareware, the price is $199.00, you can free download and get a free trial before you buy a registr…

Basic rules for secure IM communication.

As time progresses, cybercriminals are refining their techniques to lure potential victims to visit malicious hyperlinks. Instant messaging is a very effective way for malware to stay active and thrive.

Last week, an unnamed computer worm forced Microsoft to temporarily suspend active links in its Live Messenger 2009 to prevent the aggressive instant messaging (IM) worm spreading.

Mak James, technical manager at ESET UK comments, “This is quite a surprising measure, because worms spreading through Instant Messaging (IM) such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and Microsoft Live Messenger are not new at all. For example, the AimVen worm was discovered in 2003 and was targeting the America Online Instant Messenger platform,”

James continues, “The modus operandi for this type of attack is simple. First the victim receives a message that contains a hyperlink from one of their contacts, clicks on it and gets infected. The worm can also use geo-localisation in order to use the victim's language an…

Consumer Instant Messaging in Business

Earlier this year, in its Internet Trends report, Morgan Stanley wrote about two fast emerging commerce platforms, social networking and mobile, calling them “game-changing IM communications.” Game-changing is an excellent descriptor, as the coming together of a number of factors have paved the way for a phenomenon happening throughout businesses, regardless of industry or size, that have had a profound impact on messaging technologies, employees and IT. Even though these products and tools were originally designed for consumers, they are finding their way into the corporate world at a staggering pace.

One of the key reasons is the adoption of these messaging communications for personal use. “We have seen such an adoption of technology in the home,” observes Ian Moyse, channel director for Webroot Software, Inc. “If you think about it, the home has become much more IT literate. It wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t have a PC at home, or if you did it was a really big box and quite expen…

The Instant Messaging Challenge in the Businesses.

One of the common threads in the organizations that I’ve worked with in the last decade or so is a near ubiquitous use of IM, usually AOL’s IM client. Regardless of the publisher, the entire staff seemed to be on AIM, and it proved to be a useful means of asking a quick question or sending out an urgent message. IM was also useful to figure out if someone was in the office before you spent a couple of hours trying to track them down on the phone.

The value of instant messaging isn’t lost on corporations of all sizes, but in many companies you can’t just download a copy of Skype, AIM, Yahoo IM and start using it. Even assuming you have the ability to install software on your computer or smartphone, you have to do it in a way that meets the approval of the IT department. That approval should only come if your instant messaging doesn’t create a security or compliance hole. Chances are, if it’s a widely available free IM client, it does.

Fortunately for the companies that need them, there a…

Is Your Instant Messenger Secure?

As data security becomes more and more necessary, many businesses are realizing that instant messenger security is no longer an option. Small businesses are even shifting to secure instant messaging as prices are dropping dramatically.

Old way: Public IM

Many businesses still use free, public instant messengers like ICQ, Skype, AOL IM for day-to-day communications. This makes sense: employees are already familiar with the technology and interface, and it's hard to beat a free service.

But employees often spend time chatting with friends and family, so companies suffer from productivity losses in this scenario.

What about the security risks? Hackers can easily send files containing viruses, impersonate employees, or just ask for any data. This is becoming more and more common as attackers are getting smarter about what companies use what technologies for communication.

New way: enterprise instant messaging

Companies large and small are now reaching for business instant messaging tools th…

Useful Tips for AIM Messenger

1. AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) is an IM (Instant Messaging) client that people the world over use to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. If you've used this IM for a length of time, you have likely learned a few tips and tricks that have helped you get the most out of the AIM service. However, there may be a few things you missed that you'll be glad to learn.

Never Appear Idle Again

2. If you would like never to be listed as idle, right-click on the AIM icon in your system tray and click "Preferences." Select "Privacy" and uncheck the box that says " long I've been idle." This allows you to be seen by others as online always, and never idle.

Monitor Log On/Log Off Times
3. If you want to know when a buddy is logging on and logging off, but do not have time to be at your computer, you can activate a timestamp that will give you the exact times that buddy logged on and off. To do so, right-click on the AIM icon i…