Thursday, January 24, 2013

TSR LAN Messenger

TSR LAN messenger makes your  communicating better, as it enhances the intraoffice messaging, both professionally and on a hominal level.

TSR LAN messenger reduces time and length  divisions – and all the information is saved and registered in messenger logging.

TSR LAN messenger is instant messaging, fast meeting requests, insistent help and efficient contact with you employers, co-workers or management.

With TSR LAN messenger you can do collaboration meetings, group messages, offline messaging, easy meeting requests, share and run on new ideas,  notifications such as birthdays, meetings,  holidays.

Secure LAN messaging, no server is necessary and no active net connection - All message exchanges are saved by the AES encryption algorithm adopted by the U.S. authorities.

Any numerate of users. Easy installation. Multilanguage.

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