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5 Reasons You Don't Need Facebook Messenger

Facebook's free Instant Messaging application for iPhone and Android has already got many downloads - but that doesn't mean it's a special achievement.

Facebook released Tuesday a standalone IM tool for the iPhone and Android, spread between cell phone users a dedicated tool for messaging it up with their Facebook friends. The prog has already proven its popularity by rocketing to the top of the iPhone Free Apps list, but popularity alone does not make for a great utility.

Here are five simple reasons why professionals don't need the Facebook Messenger app.

1. It's Redundant

There's already an official Facebook messaging app for the iPhone and Android. It's called Facebook. If you want to message your friends from your phone, you just launch it, go the to main menu, and tap Messages. When you have new messages in the regular Facebook app, you still get a notification badge. While it may make business sense for Facebook to make a play to become a major insta…