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Integrate Live LAN Chat Into Your CRM

ISL Online ( has recently presented ISL Pronto 2.0. The last version of enterprise instant messaging software for online customer service, and web support, now allows integration with your existing CRM system by using the Live LAN Chat API.

The whole list of improvements are available at ISL Online website where you can also download the latest version of ISL Pronto, an powerful internet communication tool, that is perfect for a helpdesk service.

ISL Pronto creates a link between a company's personnel, and website visitors, enabling the company to promptly answer customers' sales inquiries, and support requests online, or initiate a desktop sharing session. ISL Pronto can also be used as an enterprise instant messaging tool which allows real-time communication among employees within the company, making the communication flow faster, and more efficient than through emails.

ISL Pronto 2.0 is free for existing ISL Online users.

About ISL Online

Being Secure in using Instant Messaging on Your PC

Real time internet-based messaging software has been around for about ten years now and its usage is now pretty wide. These kinds of programs give you the illusion of a customized chat server attached to your PC but, in reality, the majority of them are actually just scripted add-ons or additions to email servers. They support not only instant message transfer but a host of favorites and contact functions to keep in contact with friends. Like email, these automated message systems support an instantaneous transfer of a message – or text response – just like chat. However, there is a growing awareness that unlike a chat server that resides in the data center of a provider, an email provider-driven instant messaging system allows for a much greater exposure to cyber crime and unauthorized access to your PC.

Many of the latest versions of the IMS craze allow the transfer of data files and scripted audio and video. However, these systems are now the subject of growing security brea…

LAN Messenger Is LAN IM Communication Tool

LAN Messenger, a instant LAN messaging software for home or office users, can be very useful for your work, One LAN instant messenger enables you to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN, allows you to chat with one or more users, or to send an alert message that will show as a small pop-up window on the users desktop. some Land messenger includes many features like auto-reply text, file transfers, multi-user chat, online status, alert messages to all users and more.

This article will help you find one land messenger for your business. These freeware or sharewares combine ease-of-use, power and flexibility.

Bopup Messenger, it is from blabsoft, this instant messenger enables you to communicate with other users connected across the same LAN. It is compatible with standard messengers like WinPopup and Net Send. It has extended message support, scans users and computers on a local network, and supports 10 languages. It includes an ignore list, file transfer, message lo…

Instant Messaging Use To Grow In 2010, Study Says.

In 2010 worldwide instant messaging accounts will total 2.3 billion and will grow to 3.4 billion by 2014, according to the latest study by The Radicati Group Inc.

Increasingly IM services go beyond simple text-based messaging and offer other features such as voice chat, video chat, social network connectivity and support for mobile devices.

IM is defined as real-time text messaging transmitted through a network between two or more users. The IM market is comprised of products or services that either facilitate IM conversations or secure and manage its usage.

The study divides the market into four segments: Public IM, Enterprise IM, IM Management and Security and IM Aggregators.

An in-depth analysis of the Instant Messaging market, including:

* Installed Base and Revenue Market Share by Vendor, Four-Year Forecasts, and Breakouts by Region and Business Size.

* The Study Covers Four Key Market Segments:
o Public IM
o Enterprise IM
o IM Management & Security
o IM…

S-IMCO, Inc. Presents Secure Messaging Solution S-IMessenger

The latest version of Secure IM features encrypted message history, secure file-transfer and a host of powerful configuration options. With these and S-IMessenger's other great features, real-time communication has never been easier. Make sure you try it free today.


* Pentium || - 300Mhz
* 128 MB RAM (256 recommended)
* 10 MB hard disk space
* Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista (beta)

With S-IMessenger you can be sure that all your conversations are secure. S-IMessenger is using TLSV1 , SSLV3, SSLV2 (not recommended) protocols. For all the TLS/SSL communication, S-IMessenger uses the industry standard tool-kit OpenSSL.

Besides all the communication that takes place between the client & the server being secure, S-IMessenger uses Blowfish encryption algorithm to encrypt anything that is stored locally, which is great for people instant messaging on o2 mobile broadband or any laptop whilst working away from home or the office. So all the history files an…

Send Messages, Share Files With LAN Users Using Squiggle LAN Messenger

Setting up a LAN messaging is very easy using a Router but the problem is setting up for sharing files and folders across the users on the LAN, in case you are looking for simple alternative software then you can try Squiggle which is a free LAN messenger that does not require a server and can run off a USB Drive. Squiggle has a very simple interface, and also has features very similar to any IM client, users can also set status messages.


Also Checkout

* KouChat – A JAVA based LAN Chat Client.
* CC File Transfer – Setup a LAN File Sharing Server

Key Features:

* Server-less LAN chat
* Group chat
* File Transfer
* Spell Check
* Emoticons
* Display message
* Tray popups for online/offline users.

There are 3 main actions that users can perform

* Send a instant message
* Send a broadcast message to all users
* Send ie. Share files with users on the LAN

Just enter a user name of your choice to identify yourself on the LAN and next you can find all the…

So, what about Skype security?

With the wide selection of PC users using Skype, many wonder just how secure this new means of instant messaging is. Can other people read the conversations that are held through the instant messaging system in Skype? What about phone calls, can they be recorded, can they be heard by 3rd parties? Since Skype is used by a lot of organizations, wondering is Skype secure is a very practical question for many.
Skype is for the most part secure. All conversations whether voice, video or instant messaging are encrypted with strong encryption algorithms. This makes the calls private and secure. That being said, there can be ways that these conversations can be unprotected. One way can be if one of the participants in the conversation is using Skype software that has been modified, or the calls are being routed thru servers and other phone networks. Once these elements are brought into play, the security can be breached and it is possible that a conversation can become unsecure.
Skype also adds…

Unofficial Chat Client of Yahoo IM: YahElite.

YahElite (an acronym from Yahoo Elite) is most popular unofficial instant messaging client of Yahoo Messenger. It’s because YahElite messenger offers you many goodness like stability, security, tool, unbootable, and no advertisement.

Stability and speed is the plus point when you connect to the chat room or when you login to the server of Yahoo Messenger. It’s also have a good protection again spam, bots and other virus activities.

This Secure Instant Messenger can make you feel save when you doing you business Instant Message such as for Deal with your client or your partner And of course YahElite have no advertisement on it’s. YahElite is free ware software. Therefore you can download and use Yahoo Elite chat client with a free payment or registration.

Here are some features of YahElite :

* Stability and speed when we connect to the chat room or when we login to the server of yahoo messenger.
* Have a good protection again spam, bots and other harmful activities
* Unbootable

Secure instant messaging solution for business: Banckle Enterprise IM

Banckle Enterprise IM is a completely secure business collaboration solution for video chat, instant messaging, video call and sharing whiteboard with your team members anytime, anywhere. It is a multi protocol chat server supporting both XMPP & RTMP

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug 15, 2010 – Banckle Enterprise IM is a completely secure business collaboration solution for video chat, instant messaging, video call and sharing whiteboard with your team members anytime, anywhere. Not only all chats are transmitted securely using SSL but also are stored securely in your account for future retrieval. Banckle Enterprise IM is a high performance multi protocol chat server supporting both XMPP and RTMP. No installation is required; you just need a browser on any platform to take your IM always with you.

More about Banckle Enterprise IM

- Banckle Enterprise IM Homepage:
- Pricing Information:…

Teamtalk: Corporate Instant Messaging Software with Remote Desktop & File Sharing

Tenmiles Corporation has released Teamtalk, a simple and secure corporate Instant Messaging (IM) software that makes it safe and easy for teams to work together on projects or production work.

Chennai, India (PRWeb) August 4, 2010 -- Teamtalk is a corporate IM tool that replaces your typical LAN Messenger and can be fully operational in minutes. Without the security problems found in many popular consumer IM systems, Teamtalk lets business people chat, hold conferences, share images and files, and do web demos.

Teamtalk is delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). Windows and Macintosh users install a desktop client to communicate with other team members. Teamtalk uses SSL encryption, the same as banks, for all of the communications and file transfers that it handles. Connections to the server are SSL-protected, and P2P channels are encrypted. Once the team's administrator has created a list of Teamtalk participants, all team members can create direct one-to-one instant messages, h…

Citron Instant Messenger Beta

Jabber, Google talk, LiveJournal, AIM, ICQ in one cute and simple program!

The Citron Instant Messenger software was developed to a smart, easy and attractive tool to do things you are so used to do.

All your old contacts and features in a new professional and stylish solution. We has thought more for you to think less, So, just try and forget about annoying applications.


· Microsoft .NET 2.0

What's New in This Release:

· Display messages was completly redesigned. Now here is html with all its features.
· History search and filter redesigned and much improved.
· Animated standard emoticons added with ability to change emoticons pack.
· Balloon tip on incoming message added.
· Movable profile folder.

Children’s Instant Messaging Safety. Chat software controller.

LAN Chat software Controller is a tool developed to give you access to take control your children’s instant messaging conversations by using powerful detection methods that will effectively control all popular instant messengers.

Chat controller work with all most wide used IMs such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and more.

Chat controller gives you an ability to set up rules when chatting is not allowed for your children. For example, you can set up a rules so that your child cannot chat on Yahoo Messenger each night from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM – while you still allowing other daughter to chat in that time.

It’s also have Instant Messenger Audit tool which scans your computer for instant messengers shown in list to the right that will tell you what instant messaging programs are installed and where are located.

Some Key Features of Chat Controller :

* Chat Controller is secure – runs as a Windows Service and only administrator have access to this.
* IM Audit tool sc…

Network messaging software: MessengerLAN

MessengerLAN is an IM program for local networks, from small home networks to big corporate LANs.
Based on peer-to-peer (or P2P) technology, it enables users to send and receive secure instant messages among office coworkers. No dedicated server or Internet connection is required. Easily send, receive and reply messages. Instantly and discretely answer to a customer, on the phone or in person. Fully customizable: sounds, preset messages, message log. Users, Groups, Broadcast: send a message to a user, a set of users or to all online users. It will run instantly after installing on all the network computers.
# No dedicated server or Internet connection is required.
# very easy to install and very simple to use. It does not require computer knowledge
# user-friendly interface
# It will run instantly after installing on all the network computers.
# No configuration or maintenance required (works immediately after installation)
# Affordable ($7.90* per user). No hidden costs.
# Fast & Efficie…

LAN Chat Application for local networks – xMessenger

xMessenger is an instant messaging tool that allows you to send messages to another computer who has started the xMessenger server (possibly using stealth mode in the background).

Run xMessenger server on the target computer. What you have to know is by entering the IP address and the connection is through TCP ( port 11112 by default). Be sure that TCP port is open.

You can send messages in message box or in system tray. You also can set up some elements such as priority, icon, and give the right of reply.

Biggest Three Instant Messengers Of The World.

Depending on who you ask, the biggest 3 instant messengers are going to be different. For each PC user who uses an IM there is another one who will use something different, and enjoy it more, declare that it works better and is more secure.

The top notch and most often used messenger will of course be the MSN messenger which ships with Windows operating systems. While this version of the instant messenger service is not necessarily the best, it is the most widely used version of any instant messenger simply, we believe, because it is included with new versions of Windows operating systems.

Secondary to MSN messenger is Skype, the messenger which also permits telephone calls and offers discounted rates to callers in multiple countries. Many people are in actuality not aware that Skype permits instant messaging, but do use the service for telephone calls, which does add them to the count of total users.

Although AOL Instant Messenger, or AIM as it is called now, was once the largest as wel…

About Instant Messaging Security

Controlling IM Security Risks

IM usage in business – whether sanctioned or not - is growing rapidly. IM and other real-time communications are network-enabled applications that often operate outside the control of the corporate IT department. While they offer business value, these not-so-secure channels are increasingly becoming the vectors of propagation for malicious applications and code leaving IT to address how to enable business productivity from IM while also controlling risk.

IM security risk falls into three main categories:

* Inbound threats
IM creates new vectors for the distribution of malware (viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and more) and SpIM (Spam over IM) which can cause a major drain on productivity and resources. Read about security incidents involving the use of chat, IM and P2P networks and learn more about malware and spyware prevention.
* Outbound threats
IM opens new 'holes' through which information can leak or be leaked, leading to use…

Instant Messaging Solutions from NaviSite

In today’s highly competitive companies era, exchanging information in fast and safe manner has been the one of the main keys for every business. Though e-mail communication is the general source of communication but messaging and collaboration tools (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino etc.) are also growing very fast. Enterprises’ dependence has increased by leaps and bound on instant messaging communication tools. Gradually, they are realizing the real potential of messaging solutions and how they can be used in innovative ways to save time and money in routine tasks.

Many organizations operate with enterprise messaging applications internally and administer themselves. This puts lots of burden on their IT resources and creates collaboration problems. So, it is always advantageous to choose Managed Messaging service. Delivering managed messaging solution with hosted messaging provider offers more control and better scalability. Here go the top 5 reasons to choose Hosted Me…

IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator: New Secure IM Tools.

Safety and IM Software.

Both IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator are secure IM systems developed to get communication faster, while reducing your company's exposure to outside vulnerabilities. Unlike public messengers and chat applications (like Skype, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL IM), IMiN software is planned to operate behind your company's firewall which keeps public unknown guests out, and spam and IM based threats off of your computers.

IM security danger falls into 3 main themes:
• Inbound instant messaging vulnerabilities - web-based Instant Messaging programs create new opportunities for the distribution of malware (viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and more) and Spam which can cause a major drain on productivity and resources.
• Outbound instant messaging attacks - IM opens new 'holes' through which information can leak or be leaked, leading to user privacy concerns and the potential loss of intellectual property.
• Non-compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements - Most …

IMJack: Secure Instant Messenger for Business

IMJack by Amteus company offers businesses with secure instant messaging environment. It is designed in modern style for any size of businesses, increasing productivity and saving working time. Amteus company setups a standalone, secure IM server where no viruses, no spam and no hackers, and no unauthorised users can gain access. Give the software to all your business contacts creating your own private community where all communication travels in real-time from PC to PC.

Revolutionise The Way Your Business Communicates

IMJack from Amteus creates a private business community that allows every member of your organisation, including suppliers and customers, to communicate and collaborate within your own secure environment. You have full control over your business communications and who you invite into your community, eliminating the possibility of any employee misuse. This ultimately increases the productivity, efficiency, security and profit of your entire organisation.
90 Day Money-Ba…

How to Make Instant Messaging Secure?

Do you often talk a lot of time with IM friends, family and colleagues ? Did you know that your chat sessions can be hacked easily or seen by someone other than the person you are chatting with? A lot of people assume that their chat session is secure and encrypted, but this is not true.

It’s even easier for someone to see what you’re chatting about if you are using IM at cyber café, work area or on an open network. Tools like MSN-sniffer can easily display MSN chat text for other users connected to the same network, and there are many others for different chat programs. Even if you are chatting from home, there is a chance that someone could be snooping on your chat sessions. Thankfully, it is pretty easy to protect your chats from prying eyes, keep reading to learn how.

If you want to make sure the only person who sees your chat text is the person you are chatting with you should look for an option in your chat program to turn on encryption. Most often, this will be in the settings m…

Freo Messenger is an all-in-one utility for Web messaging.

Freo Messenger is a multi-mode IM that can be run in Windows OS whose support includes AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and Jabber; it also allows you to make use of other popular instant messaging protocols including Gadu-Gadu, Netsend, Skype, Yahoo.

If you're trying to find the most user-friendly instant messenger client to talk instantly in real-time using the Internet connection, Freo is one of the best options available - it's totally free and clean Windows multi-capable instant messenger client.

Download it for free and you will be able to chat with friends, make free voice calls, share a webcam, listen to online radio station and share files.

Freo Messenger stores a plethora of great features (all you would expect from an IM program like chat, photo sharing, custom skins and chat transcript archives.) designed to create an enjoyable communication experience - a wonderful way to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

The program comes with support for AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and …

NetSaro Enterprise Messenger 2.0

NetSaro allows you to run a private and secure instant messaging network communication, based on client-server architecture. You can send and receive messages, use voice messaging, file transfer or screenshot capture or start multi-user chat session.

Server Features : System access requires a valid User Name and Password. You may want to log messages between your users for auditing purposes. Messages that are send to offline users stored by server and sent when they are first logged-in.

Client Features : User interface integrates smoothly into the desktop and works in the background, easily personalized. Contact list lets easy access to other NetSaro users and informs their online/offline status. You are able to search for a user with lots of conditions like User Name , First Name , Department , E-Mail etc. You can send a message to whole department and message archive ables you to centralize all of your incoming and outgoing messages.

Danger of Instant Messengers. Can They Bring Viruses?

Even if you have never used IM, you are probably known with the new fast form of instant communication known as instant messaging, abbreviated as IM. Much resembling the email success, the difference in instant messaging is that the two or more parties exchange messages can do it almost instantly without any time period in-between messages. But, as all other computer generated communication systems have been affected by the computer viruses out there, so do now instant messenger users have to protect themselves against malicious code that can be easily transferred and downloading directly to their computer.

Various popular programs, like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger, among many others, allow people to communicate in real time by exchanging written messages, sound or images. Unfortunately, neither this type of communication can be considered anymore sd virus-free. Hackers, virus writers and spyware coders are today able to develop their malicious conte…

Remobo Presents IPN (Instant Private Network ™) between PC users.

Remobo developed an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) for communication between users.

It looks like a computer network for your social network...

Just login, add users to your friends list, and Remobo will create a secure network for you to:

Distant control your home PC and access files while at work or traveling.

Securely share large files like pics & docs between computers or with friends & your family.

Remove your existing, costly and difficult to use VPN software.

Run games, video chats, streaming media, secure instant messaging & more!

Control your own computer remotely from any other computer.

Access your files securely from work or while travelling.

Share files, photos & media with friends & family on your network.

Secure all your messages and file transfers against hackers.

Create a virtual private network (VPN) instantly and securely.

Play LAN games over the Internet as if you were all in the same place.

Connect to any computer in your list securely to access files and …

How to Use Secure Instant Messaging Software as a Sales Tool

Secure IM software is about to be concerned with since
instant messaging software has become a popular communication tool for
service support between customers and their suppliers as well as for
chatting with colleagues.

If you’re an usual PC user, you are already know an
instant messaging like Skype, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and
AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ. All of these public instant
messaging tools that enable internet users worldwide to
communicate back and forth online in real time using text

Some of the public instant messaging programs also have video and
voice capabilities. Through instant messaging, multiple people
can be invited to join in on a conversation and users can even
transfer files to one another instantly.

You can imagine how convenient this technology is for business
communications, but as business use increases, so does the need
for secure instant messaging.

Because of the confidential nature of most business transactions
businesses generally are not too crazy about the…

Why IT managers choose Skype IM?

It's interesting that some of the most modern instant messaging systems are first brought into businesses by usual PC users, rather than staff of IT departments. Then, when others see the advantages those pioneering users are getting, the technology is quickly adopted in company IT environment. It happened this way with PC-based fax, then email, and with instant messaging. And it's happening with Skype IM.

And that's really no amaze. Home PC users first use Skype because it offered free voice and video calls over the Internet. The adoption rate skyrocketed due to Skype's ease of use and superior voice quality over the public Internet. But now that it operates the world's largest and most reliable Internet communications community, with over 405M registered users, it's also a very attractive infrastructure for business telephony applications. According to Skype, 30% of its users are using Skype for business.

What's more, it complements the communications infra…

Windows Live Messenger Covered 98.82% of Instant Messaging Market in Brazil

ComScore Inc, a global marketing research company unfurled a new report relating email and instant messaging market in Brazil. Data in the report shows that Microsoft is the ace in email as well as instant messenger IM, followed by Google. The report also included other IT companies with substantial growth. According comScore managing director of Latin America, Alex Banks, Microsoft exercises a strong foothold on many consumer applications in the Latin American marketplace. He also added that there were other software giants such as Google and Yahoo! flexing their muscles. Bank anticipates that the competitive landscape would changes over the next few years with so many consumer-focused Internet brands taking part in this digital gold rush.

ComScore's survey in December revealed 24 million Brazilians aged 15 and older visited web-based email sites from home and work locations. A majority of them nearly 20 million can access Windows Live Hotmail. Next in the ranks was Google's G… Presents Instant Messaging IM Portal with built in Browser is an unique IM portal that suggest numerous was to joined to your choosen Instant Messenger or Social Network Chat. The IM clients offered as Facebook, Myspace, AIM, QQ, MSN, Yahoo, GTalk, Gadu-Gadu,LiveJournal, ICQ, SameTime, SIMPLE, XMPP. This big list of instant messengers is unique in itself because it offers more ways to connect to IM’s than any other site on the web.

Another fantastic feature of Chatab is that it offers a built in browser for users so they can chat and browse at the exact same time. This feature is another ground breaker for the web and has never been seen before on a website until now.

Instant messaging (IM) is a set of technologies that create the possibility of real-time text-based communication between two or more participants over the internet or some form of internal network/intranet. It is important to understand that what separates chat and instant messaging from technologies such as e-mail is the perceived synchronicity of the communication by…

Chikka Text Instant Messenger™ v.4.0

Send messages to all of your IM buddies and all your mobile phone contacts in the all-new Chikka messenger.

Now, one login is all it takes. Take your buddies from other networks in your Chikka buddy list and send them messages straight from your browser, as always, for free. You can send SMS to mobiles around the world when you load up your Chikka Wallet. Texting ‘ hello ü ‘ to the world is now much more convenient and lighter on your pocket. Soon, more exciting features. We’ll keep you posted! Meanwhile, enjoy the all-new Chikka.

Chikka Messenger is the first 2-way PC-to-mobile instant messaging software.
Chikka can be used to send free text instant messages directly from your PC to mobile phones all around the world.
Instant and uninterrupted connectivity with your buddies allow you to chat with them as easily as it would be with an Instant Messaging Buddy.
This New version of Chikka also provides a way to connect to Google Talk! You can add your Google Talk contacts to your buddy list a…

The UDS Presents an Instant Messenger at for Office (LAN or internet) based on server PHP/MySQL

IntraMessenger 1.20D is a free instant messaging software.

Instant Messaging (chat) in enterprise environment, with local networks (LAN) or internet for effective intra-office communication.

Here are some main features of "IntraMessenger":

· Server is PHP/MySQL (opensource), make easy for the administrator to choise all options, for display, contact manage, lock...
· Can force nickname to Windows username or let users choise by themself.
· Can force or not user to use password, limit (or not) maximum simultaneous users, online users, contacts numbers...
· Can be public or locked by password.
· Can ban usernames and censure words (replaced by '...').
· Can (if necessary) hiearchic users management : can add to contact only lower or equal level users.
· No file transfer, no VoIP, no webcam, only safety and easy chat.

What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Extern authentication (login + password) possible by Burning Board, Connectix-Boards, Dokeos, e107, FluxBB,…