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E-mail VS Instant Messaging. How Much People Use Them?

We have just published the results of a survey that we funded internally to find out how people use e-mail and instant messaging. The survey was conducted with 340 individuals in mid-October. Here's a summary of what we found:

* Users in smaller organizations (up to 1,000 employees) spend a median of 33% of their workday doing something in their e-mail client, including checking or sending e-mail, arranging their schedule, managing tasks, etc. Users in larger organizations spend a median of 40% of their day doing work in e-mail. This means that in a 40-hour workweek, users spend between 2 hours / 38 minutes and 3 hours / 12 minutes doing work in e-mail.

* Instant messaging, on the other hand, is used far less than e-mail – for 2% of the average e-mail user’s day in smaller organizations, and 3% for those in larger organizations.

* E-mail is a very important repository of business information. In smaller organizations, 44% of the information that individuals need to do their job is ac…

Instant messaging communication solution for corporate network.

Increasing number of businesses presented online reflects significance and importance of online interaction between its participants. Fully understanding this necessity Flashcoms releases Corporate LAN Chat to be a communication part of a corporate structure.

Corporate LAN Chat is a text/video/audio communication solution to deploy at corporate networks. It combines all the advantages of flash architecture to provide secure approach in on-site or internal network communication. Regardless of network setup Corporate Chat easily fits into any segment of a system to provide the most effective way in communication.

Cutting-edge functionality coupled with clear-cut design, free interface branding which enables displaying your company credentials instead of developer's ones and advanced management options benefit businesses with all-sufficient solution. Impressive features such as built-in whiteboard serves a multi-functional purpose from presentation to online consulting, IM (ICQ, MSN) s…

Motorola offers safe wireless LAN for enterprises.

Motorola, with the close of its acquisition of AirDefense at the end of last month, is wasting no time integrating AirDefense’s wireless security technology into its wireless LAN access points.

Today, as part of the company’s announcement of a hardware-based wireless intrusion prevention system built into its wireless access points, Motorola noted that it’s not only eliminating the clutter of unnecessary wires but also the need for an added layer of hardware that was once needed to secure the LAN.

It marks a turning point for enterprise customers who are looking at wireless networking solutions as a way of not only identifying potential cost savings but also delivering throughput that exceeds traditional ethernet. With the arrival of 802.11n technology, networks can now wirelessly move data at the rate of 300 megabits per second, compared to the 100 megabits per second in Ethernet and 54 megabits per second of previous “a” and “g” versions of 802.11.

It’s also worth noting that Motorola…

How To Make Email Messaging Secure?

The email messaging service is getting much more secure now. You can always trust us. The firm was founded in early 90s in order to make you and your clients more secure. The instant messaging works in a secure manner. The business email hosting would make it more secure and your network would be made more secure now. The small business hosting has made it more reliable to make the home hosting securer than before.

The confidentiality issue is not a big issue any more. We offer you the same free service trials and product test features too. The corporate email hosting could be made more secure and this way, you can increase the trust in your business too. We offer customer made free trials too. You can always reach us via our website and other toll free contact number too. You can also login to our website and get a permanent registry too. The small business email would be much easier now too. We have made your business and corporate messaging much secure than before. The emails can be…

Corporate Network Management For Enterprises.

Enterprise networks are far more complex than ever before — often an amalgam of LANs, MANs and WANs — so the term “enterprise network management” has also expanded in scope. It’s really a combination of various sub-disciplines, such as configuration management, fault management (i.e., “troubleshooting”), telecom expense management, performance management and security management. Enterprise network management sits just below “systems management,” which handles higher-level issues of applications and middleware management. Fortunately, there are a huge number of products out there to help you visualize and ultimately understand your network, not to mention troubleshoot it.

For many years, enterprises relied on mainstay management packages that have stood the test of time — in particular, IBM’s Tivoli and HP OpenView, a Hewlett Packard product family of network and systems management products, with optional add-ons from both HP and third parties. (Following HP’s acquisition of Mercury Int…

How To Create Instant Messaging Environment with Openfire Server?

Openfire Administration is a new book from Packt that details how to use Openfire to develop a secure instant messaging network. This book teaches users to install an efficient IM environment, and connect and integrate VoIP with users over external IM networks.

Openfire, is a free, open-source and full featured Jabber-based Instant Messaging server written in Java. This book teaches users to install and run Openfire, and configure different IM clients over Windows and Linux to allow only secured connections. Users will learn the advantages of IM over other communication modes as well as Openfire's features.

Through this book, system administrators will learn to connect with users over external IM networks, add users via a Directory Server like OpenLDAP and Active Directory, and import or export users and groups from other networks. They will also be shown how to add users from a remote network, transfer files across servers, and set up a server-to-server communication and an Openfir…

Instant Messengers = Instant Threats?

Many vendors offering Instant Messaging (IM) services have added new features such as voice messaging and file sharing. Among other AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo offer these IM services.

Clients of Instant Messaging services are also easy prey for the community of hackers. Using a simple follow-up program, plain text of Instant Messaging can be easily captured and creates vulnerability to electronic eavesdropping. .

In one version of AOL Instant Messenger, aka AIM, a user was found to be the target of an attack by hackers. The villainous hacker had developed a URL that, when clicked by the user with AIM on their desktop, allowed the attacker to run a virus to the victim system. What is particularly alarming is that AIM does not need to be conducted this type of the virus being deployed.

Another possibility of an attack when the victim are simply sent an HTML e-mail with a link click, enter one or all of the following components: an increase of attack, a denial of service attacks, or install a…

Instant Messaging Security. Is It Possible?

About 200 million people will use instant-messaging (IM) services this year, according to IDC, and next year over half of them will be business users. Many of them, in turn, will be in financial services, the business sector that has taken to IM more than any other.

It has enjoyed such a meteoric rise in financial services because the convenience and productivity it puts into users' hands, at very little cost, particularly appeals to bankers, traders, and insurers.

"Instant messaging is becoming a more mainstream business tool," says Andrew Brown, CTO of Global Infrastructure Services for Merrill Lynch. "IMlogic gives us enhanced capabilities regarding access control, reporting and management."

However, as corporate adoption of IM peaks this year, many commentators are becoming concerned about the need to secure the informal networks upon which IM depends, both to protect against hackers and to meet regulatory requirements.

The Big Bang in IM security threats
The wa…

Beta Business Instant Messaging : Secure And Encrypted

Communicate more efficiently using real-time secure Business Messenger. Unlike public chat services, Business Messenger communication can be restricted to the people in your organization keeping your organization secure and private. And, all communications are SSL encrypted giving you security comparable to online banking.

Whether you are at the office or on the go, there are a variety of ways to stay connected with Business Messenger. Access Business Messenger securely from any web browser or download and install the easy-to-use Business Messenger chat client on your desktop. Need even more flexibility? Business Messenger is based on the open standard XMPP for compatibility with a wide variety of chat clients.

Features Include:

* Business class, real-time messaging
* Ability to restrict chat access to account users only for privacy and security
* SSL encrypted chat
* Customizable presence indicator
* Multi-person chat
* Secure chat rooms
* Persistent chat rooms

IM Service from NSIT. Chat Instantly with cIM!

NSIT offers a secure instant messaging system called cIM? All you need is a current CNetID and password. We recommend using a client called Spark, which you can download from the Connectivity Software site (

Like other IM clients, cIM is great for informal chatting, but it has additional benefits that also make it great for inter-departmental messaging. cIM is different from commercial instant messaging services in the following ways:

* All messages remain on campus servers so long as both parties are at the University, making your messages more secure.
* Messages sent between users are not subject to the data mining often practiced by providers of commerical IM clients (e.g., Yahoo, Google, AIM).
* It's easy to locate someone on cIM by using their CNetID, instead of having to search for user-created screen names.

For help and information on setting up and using cIM, visit the Instant Messaging Documentation s…

Instant Messaging Threats. How To Defend Your PC?

The instant messaging world continues to evolve at an incredibly alarming rate. IM communications most changed more than in the past 10 years with the evolution of e-mail and instant messaging (IM). Once limited to desktops, instant messaging is now available via handheld devices and cell phones, allowing users to chat from virtually anywhere, even becoming a staple mode of communication in business environments.

However, its own share of security risks accompanies IM. Because IM is generally unprotected and unmonitored, it is vulnerable to attacks, and can easily expose all users in an IM contact list to the same attacks via IM sent from that machine, creating the potential for rapid proliferation. In such a scenario, it is likely that any malicious code that propagates through one of the protocols will also propagate through the other.

The most prevalent threats to IM include:

* Worms and Trojan horses

Similar to threats sent by e-mail, worms and Trojan horses via IM can compromise …

Gmail And Google Talk Users Got Web Conferencing And Free Screen Sharing

Millions of Gmail and Google Talk users now have access to one click online collaboration.

8 October 2008, Future of Web Apps, London: Yuuguu today announced the seamless integration of the Google Talk Instant Messaging (IM) network into its real-time collaboration and web conferencing service. Yuuguu users can now share screens, hold web conferences and work collaboratively with anyone on the Google Talk IM network all via the Yuuguu application.

The Google Talk IM network is accessible via the downloadable Google Talk client, and the purely browser based GMail, iGoogle and Google Apps services. The move will dramatically increase Yuuguu’s reach, with Gmail alone having over 92 million users*.

Yuuguu, uniquely for a web conferencing and screen sharing service, has an integrated buddy list and chat system. Yuuguu users can now simply link to their existing Google account and any contacts they have on the Google Talk IM network will automatically appear in their Yuuguu buddy list.

With …

Communications Server environment. How to secure?

As (UC) unified communications are getting to become much more popular, it has become apparent that unified communications networks are prone to many of the same types of security threats as normal TCP/IP networks. Some of the more common threats include things like spam directed at instant messaging, man-in-the-middle attacks, denial-of-service attacks, sniffing and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, there is no way that I can possibly provide even a high-level overview of unified communications security within the confines of an article. There are simply too many aspects of the unified communications infrastructure that would need to be addressed. That being the case, I want to focus my attention on one particular component that I think deserves some of the most attention: the Office Communications Server (OCS) edge server.

The edge server allows OCS to be accessible to the outside world. The OCS edge server is placed in the network's demilitarized zone and proxies requests between…

Causerie Enterprise Instant Messenger: Be mobile.

(IM) Instant Messaging is one of the fastest growing branches of the Internet and is getting a popular communication choice embraced by millions of people around the world to communicate with their family, friends and business associates in an easy and powerful manner.

Causerie provides a single point contact which allows you to view all your contacts (buddies) in one place and even chat with your buddies irrespective of the network they belong to. Causerie provides a rich and powerful UI which allows you to access most of the handy features in a single tap or two. Some of the features include IM services to popular networks (SameTime, MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ and IRC), Presence & Status settings, Emoticon support, Easy Buddy lists (Add/Delete buddies) maintenance, Block/Unblock buddies, Customizable chat area, Font and Color support, Quick Text, E-mail and call tagging, Multiple login accounts.

Causerie for Consumers (CC):
CC is available in 2 editions - Standard and Deluxe. Th…

AOL Instant Messenger Vulnerabilities Shows Risks of Public IM Networks.

According to Omnipod, the leading ASP instant messaging (IM) platform for enterprises, the identification of a buffer overflow flaw in AOL’s AIM service earlier this week underscores the security risks companies face from the uncontrolled or rogue use of public IM services. According to AOL, the security hole can be exploited to take control of users’ PCs. The flaw leverages a weakness in the IM client, and a lack of security controls and monitoring in the AIM service. Although AOL has been aware of the security issue since July 12, the company did not notify its 36 million users until August 9. AOL has stated it will release an update to correct the issue before the week’s end.

‘Unlike public IM networks, all executable text on our IM network is immediately stripped via our proprietary technology, so users simply aren’t at risk from this type of threat,’ said Gideon Stein, CEO of Omnipod. ‘Our POD technology takes the best aspects of public networks’presence detection and instant acce…

IM security leak from Skype. Didn't they know?

Skype's official said that the company was unaware of a last security breach affecting Skype users in China.

In a blog published Thursday, Josh Silverman, Skype's president, explained he did not realize that TOM-Skype, Skype's partner in China, was logging and storing users' instant messages that were deemed offensive by the Chinese government.

He said the company knew that instant-messaging (IM) chats were monitored by the government, as all communications in China are. And he explained that Skype disclosed this to users in 2006, explaining that a text filter was being used to block certain words in chat messages. But he added that his understanding was that messages deemed unsuitable were "simply discarded and not displayed or transmitted anywhere."

"It was our understanding that it was not TOM's protocol to upload and store chat messages with certain keywords," he writes in the blog. "And we are now inquiring with TOM to find out why the pr…

Secure IM messaging from Sigaba

[ Johannesburg, 3 October 2008 ] - Companies today have become increasingly reliant on digital communication channels and this trend has resulted in an emergence of complex message security solutions, says Jaap Nieboer, mailstream software solutions manager for Pitney Bowes SA.

The company has unveiled the Sigaba secure messaging solution, which it hopes will provide industries with user-friendly, flexible and secure information-sharing solutions, says Nieboer.

“Sigaba took a holistic approach to create a practical messaging security solution, recognising that the key to a scalable, extensible, expandable and consequently usable solution is to create a robust security infrastructure,” says Nieboer. “This infrastructure serves as the operating system for baseline authentication and data encryption resources.”

Sigaba's secure messaging platform, SigabaNet enables organisations to authenticate users and separately encrypt sensitive data, secure e-mail, instant messaging, document deliv…