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How to Use Secure Instant Messaging Software as a Sales Tool

Secure IM software is about to be concerned with since
instant messaging software has become a popular communication tool for
service support between customers and their suppliers as well as for
chatting with colleagues.

If you’re an usual PC user, you are already know an
instant messaging like Skype, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, and
AOL Instant Messenger, and ICQ. All of these public instant
messaging tools that enable internet users worldwide to
communicate back and forth online in real time using text

Some of the public instant messaging programs also have video and
voice capabilities. Through instant messaging, multiple people
can be invited to join in on a conversation and users can even
transfer files to one another instantly.

You can imagine how convenient this technology is for business
communications, but as business use increases, so does the need
for secure instant messaging.

Because of the confidential nature of most business transactions
businesses generally are not too crazy about the…

Why IT managers choose Skype IM?

It's interesting that some of the most modern instant messaging systems are first brought into businesses by usual PC users, rather than staff of IT departments. Then, when others see the advantages those pioneering users are getting, the technology is quickly adopted in company IT environment. It happened this way with PC-based fax, then email, and with instant messaging. And it's happening with Skype IM.

And that's really no amaze. Home PC users first use Skype because it offered free voice and video calls over the Internet. The adoption rate skyrocketed due to Skype's ease of use and superior voice quality over the public Internet. But now that it operates the world's largest and most reliable Internet communications community, with over 405M registered users, it's also a very attractive infrastructure for business telephony applications. According to Skype, 30% of its users are using Skype for business.

What's more, it complements the communications infra…

Windows Live Messenger Covered 98.82% of Instant Messaging Market in Brazil

ComScore Inc, a global marketing research company unfurled a new report relating email and instant messaging market in Brazil. Data in the report shows that Microsoft is the ace in email as well as instant messenger IM, followed by Google. The report also included other IT companies with substantial growth. According comScore managing director of Latin America, Alex Banks, Microsoft exercises a strong foothold on many consumer applications in the Latin American marketplace. He also added that there were other software giants such as Google and Yahoo! flexing their muscles. Bank anticipates that the competitive landscape would changes over the next few years with so many consumer-focused Internet brands taking part in this digital gold rush.

ComScore's survey in December revealed 24 million Brazilians aged 15 and older visited web-based email sites from home and work locations. A majority of them nearly 20 million can access Windows Live Hotmail. Next in the ranks was Google's G…