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Instant Messaging Solutions from NaviSite

In today’s highly competitive companies era, exchanging information in fast and safe manner has been the one of the main keys for every business. Though e-mail communication is the general source of communication but messaging and collaboration tools (Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino etc.) are also growing very fast. Enterprises’ dependence has increased by leaps and bound on instant messaging communication tools. Gradually, they are realizing the real potential of messaging solutions and how they can be used in innovative ways to save time and money in routine tasks.

Many organizations operate with enterprise messaging applications internally and administer themselves. This puts lots of burden on their IT resources and creates collaboration problems. So, it is always advantageous to choose Managed Messaging service. Delivering managed messaging solution with hosted messaging provider offers more control and better scalability. Here go the top 5 reasons to choose Hosted Me…

IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator: New Secure IM Tools.

Safety and IM Software.

Both IMiN Lite and IMiN Communicator are secure IM systems developed to get communication faster, while reducing your company's exposure to outside vulnerabilities. Unlike public messengers and chat applications (like Skype, Yahoo, ICQ, AOL IM), IMiN software is planned to operate behind your company's firewall which keeps public unknown guests out, and spam and IM based threats off of your computers.

IM security danger falls into 3 main themes:
• Inbound instant messaging vulnerabilities - web-based Instant Messaging programs create new opportunities for the distribution of malware (viruses, worms, spyware, rootkits, and more) and Spam which can cause a major drain on productivity and resources.
• Outbound instant messaging attacks - IM opens new 'holes' through which information can leak or be leaked, leading to user privacy concerns and the potential loss of intellectual property.
• Non-compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements - Most …

IMJack: Secure Instant Messenger for Business

IMJack by Amteus company offers businesses with secure instant messaging environment. It is designed in modern style for any size of businesses, increasing productivity and saving working time. Amteus company setups a standalone, secure IM server where no viruses, no spam and no hackers, and no unauthorised users can gain access. Give the software to all your business contacts creating your own private community where all communication travels in real-time from PC to PC.

Revolutionise The Way Your Business Communicates

IMJack from Amteus creates a private business community that allows every member of your organisation, including suppliers and customers, to communicate and collaborate within your own secure environment. You have full control over your business communications and who you invite into your community, eliminating the possibility of any employee misuse. This ultimately increases the productivity, efficiency, security and profit of your entire organisation.
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