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Consumer Instant Messaging in Business

Earlier this year, in its Internet Trends report, Morgan Stanley wrote about two fast emerging commerce platforms, social networking and mobile, calling them “game-changing IM communications.” Game-changing is an excellent descriptor, as the coming together of a number of factors have paved the way for a phenomenon happening throughout businesses, regardless of industry or size, that have had a profound impact on messaging technologies, employees and IT. Even though these products and tools were originally designed for consumers, they are finding their way into the corporate world at a staggering pace.

One of the key reasons is the adoption of these messaging communications for personal use. “We have seen such an adoption of technology in the home,” observes Ian Moyse, channel director for Webroot Software, Inc. “If you think about it, the home has become much more IT literate. It wasn’t so long ago that we didn’t have a PC at home, or if you did it was a really big box and quite expen…