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Apptix Secure Instant Messaging Software

Apptix Secure Instant Messaging is an enterprise-class messaging system that protects against security breaches without compromising the efficiency and productivity of instant communications. Native integration with Microsoft Outlook® provides real-time Presence awareness for more effective connections.

Key Benefits

* Enhanced communication and collaboration through media-rich interactive audio or video online meetings
* Significant reduction of business travel costs
* Recording functionality for future playback
* Seamless integration with other hosted solutions
* Includes Secure Instant Messaging

Standard Features

* End-to-end encryption
* One-on-one or multi-user chats
* Integration with Microsoft Outlook
* Direct access to contacts within Global Address List
* Real-time Presence information
* Alerts when contacts become available

Optional Capabilities

In addition to standard IM service, Apptix enables you to extend your Instant Messaging capabilities to your mobile device. This all…