Monday, September 5, 2011

Apptix Secure Instant Messaging Software

Apptix Secure Instant Messaging is an enterprise-class messaging system that protects against security breaches without compromising the efficiency and productivity of instant communications. Native integration with Microsoft Outlook® provides real-time Presence awareness for more effective connections.

Key Benefits

* Enhanced communication and collaboration through media-rich interactive audio or video online meetings
* Significant reduction of business travel costs
* Recording functionality for future playback
* Seamless integration with other hosted solutions
* Includes Secure Instant Messaging

Standard Features

* End-to-end encryption
* One-on-one or multi-user chats
* Integration with Microsoft Outlook
* Direct access to contacts within Global Address List
* Real-time Presence information
* Alerts when contacts become available

Optional Capabilities

In addition to standard IM service, Apptix enables you to extend your Instant Messaging capabilities to your mobile device. This allows you to access contacts within the Global Address List, get real-time Presence information, and both initiate and receive Instant Messages wherever you go.

Why Apptix?

Over 20,000 organizations around the world choose Apptix for their hosted communication, collaboration, and infrastructure needs. Apptix delivers Reliable, Easy-to-Manage services backed by 24/7 Customer Service – for Reduced TCO and Unbeatable Value.

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