Thursday, July 29, 2010

Children’s Instant Messaging Safety. Chat software controller.

LAN Chat software Controller is a tool developed to give you access to take control your children’s instant messaging conversations by using powerful detection methods that will effectively control all popular instant messengers.

Chat controller work with all most wide used IMs such as AOL Instant Messenger, MSN, Yahoo Messenger, and more.

Chat controller gives you an ability to set up rules when chatting is not allowed for your children. For example, you can set up a rules so that your child cannot chat on Yahoo Messenger each night from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM – while you still allowing other daughter to chat in that time.

It’s also have Instant Messenger Audit tool which scans your computer for instant messengers shown in list to the right that will tell you what instant messaging programs are installed and where are located.

Some Key Features of Chat Controller :

* Chat Controller is secure – runs as a Windows Service and only administrator have access to this.
* IM Audit tool scans your computer for all popular IM programs
* Can create rules when chatting is not allowed
* You can have different and multiple rules for each user of the computer
* Automatically sincronize your computer clock with the atomic clock.
* Chat Controller is free for non-commercial use.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Network messaging software: MessengerLAN

MessengerLAN is an IM program for local networks, from small home networks to big corporate LANs.
Based on peer-to-peer (or P2P) technology, it enables users to send and receive secure instant messages among office coworkers. No dedicated server or Internet connection is required. Easily send, receive and reply messages. Instantly and discretely answer to a customer, on the phone or in person. Fully customizable: sounds, preset messages, message log. Users, Groups, Broadcast: send a message to a user, a set of users or to all online users. It will run instantly after installing on all the network computers.
# No dedicated server or Internet connection is required.
# very easy to install and very simple to use. It does not require computer knowledge
# user-friendly interface
# It will run instantly after installing on all the network computers.
# No configuration or maintenance required (works immediately after installation)
# Affordable ($7.90* per user). No hidden costs.
# Fast & Efficient: Communication is quick, silent (if you disable sounds) and confidential. A single click can send a complete message.
# Discrete: When not in use, MessengerLAN is displayed as an icon in the system tray. An optional notification sound can be played as well.

Monday, July 19, 2010

LAN Chat Application for local networks – xMessenger

xMessenger is an instant messaging tool that allows you to send messages to another computer who has started the xMessenger server (possibly using stealth mode in the background).

Run xMessenger server on the target computer. What you have to know is by entering the IP address and the connection is through TCP ( port 11112 by default). Be sure that TCP port is open.

You can send messages in message box or in system tray. You also can set up some elements such as priority, icon, and give the right of reply.

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