Monday, March 29, 2010

NetSaro Enterprise Messenger 2.0

NetSaro allows you to run a private and secure instant messaging network communication, based on client-server architecture. You can send and receive messages, use voice messaging, file transfer or screenshot capture or start multi-user chat session.

Server Features : System access requires a valid User Name and Password. You may want to log messages between your users for auditing purposes. Messages that are send to offline users stored by server and sent when they are first logged-in.

Client Features : User interface integrates smoothly into the desktop and works in the background, easily personalized. Contact list lets easy access to other NetSaro users and informs their online/offline status. You are able to search for a user with lots of conditions like User Name , First Name , Department , E-Mail etc. You can send a message to whole department and message archive ables you to centralize all of your incoming and outgoing messages.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Danger of Instant Messengers. Can They Bring Viruses?

Even if you have never used IM, you are probably known with the new fast form of instant communication known as instant messaging, abbreviated as IM. Much resembling the email success, the difference in instant messaging is that the two or more parties exchange messages can do it almost instantly without any time period in-between messages. But, as all other computer generated communication systems have been affected by the computer viruses out there, so do now instant messenger users have to protect themselves against malicious code that can be easily transferred and downloading directly to their computer.

Various popular programs, like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger, among many others, allow people to communicate in real time by exchanging written messages, sound or images. Unfortunately, neither this type of communication can be considered anymore sd virus-free. Hackers, virus writers and spyware coders are today able to develop their malicious content and release it with greater speed through the use of such instant messaging online boards. When unaware people open the files supposedly send by the other party, their computers become infected with a possibly highly dangerous virus. Victims of such an unfortunate event reported their computers slowing down or that they even completely stopped responding. Others did not detect that something went wrong, as nothing appeared to change, but later found dangerous spyware installed in their computer, which was tracking down the information they entered and was transmitting it to unknown receivers.

Since this is one more Internet threat, people can take basic precautions to avoid having to face the stressful fact of having one day to format their computer system and loosing all their valuable information. First, one should be extremely careful before deciding to download a file through IM; particularly when the file is send by an unknown counter-party. In the cases when the sender is known, computer savvies advise people to use another medium, like email, phone or some other method, in order to contact directly the sender and secure that the file transmitted is not a virus. Second, it is extremely important for all computer users to frequently update their software operating system. By keeping it up-to-date, they can reduce the chances of having to battle a new threat that their older version was not developed to detect. Third, IM users should use the most updated version of their choice of instant messaging service. Visiting the IM webpage and downloading the most recently published version secures that their computers stay protected against malicious codes using IM software programs to be transferred from one computer to another. Forth, downloading the newest antivirus and antispyware versions is of critical importance. As these programs can detect and remove malicious codes, it is only logical to have them frequently updated so as to increase the security measures taken against possible harmers.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Remobo Presents IPN (Instant Private Network ™) between PC users.

Remobo developed an Instant Private Network ™ (IPN) for communication between users.

It looks like a computer network for your social network...

Just login, add users to your friends list, and Remobo will create a secure network for you to:

Distant control your home PC and access files while at work or traveling.

Securely share large files like pics & docs between computers or with friends & your family.

Remove your existing, costly and difficult to use VPN software.

Run games, video chats, streaming media, secure instant messaging & more!

Control your own computer remotely from any other computer.

Access your files securely from work or while travelling.

Share files, photos & media with friends & family on your network.

Secure all your messages and file transfers against hackers.

Create a virtual private network (VPN) instantly and securely.

Play LAN games over the Internet as if you were all in the same place.

Connect to any computer in your list securely to access files and data.

Run virtually any 3rd party application on top of Remobo.

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