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Jabber Gets on Video Bandwagon

The budding area of linking text-based instant messaging with other media receives another boost, as IM provider Jabber, Inc., plans to add video to its platform.

Denver-based Jabber licensed technology from NetGen Video, which enables users to send TV-quality video messaging clips to each other. Because the video is sent at intervals, the system avoids the problems frequent in streaming media -- like buffering delays and dropouts that occur even with relatively high-speed connections. The resulting NetGen video clip plays at 30 frames per second, scaling in resolution to accommodate the viewer's processor.

While NetGen Video's ImageIQ process uses Windows Media Encoder as its actual compression codec, the file is reduced in size before encoding using the company's scaling technology. After decoding on the receiver's end, ImageIQ scales up the image to the appropriate resolution.

In return, Westborough, Mass.-based NetGen Video's parent, LegatoVideo, has been a Jabber…